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Hollywood Gender Gap in Oscar Nominees’ Net Worth

By , February 24th, 2018 | No Comments

Gender gap in Oscar nominees' net worthsIn recent months, female celebrities have spoken out about the gender pay gap in Hollywood, and it’s easy to see why they’ve got a legitimate beef — just look at the finances of this year’s Oscar nominees.

Note that the statistics on this year’s Oscar nominees for Best Actor and Best Actress were more consistently available regarding net worth and not annual pay. The two figures are by no means synonymous, but the statistics have parallels: JPMorgan Chase found that women have 20% lower levels of income, spending, and liquid assets, and slightly higher credit card debt burden than men.

Although the 2018 Oscar nominees for Best Actress and for Best Actor hardly comprise a random sample, a quick look at the net worth of recent nominees shows substantial differences in their lifetime wealth.

Net Worth of Oscar Nominees for Best Actress

Sally Hawkins, $3 million
Frances McDormand, $16 million
Margot Robbie, $8 million
Saoirse Ronan, $2.5 million
Meryl Streep, $90 million

Net Worth of Oscar Nominees for Best Actor

Timothée Chalamet, $1 million
Daniel Day-Lewis, $50 million
Daniel Kaluuya, $1 million
Gary Oldman, $40 million
Denzel Washington, $220 million

It’s hard to miss the contrast between the kind of money that the actresses and actors have. The men have more even when you compare with similar length careers with one another — or to look at those with comparable numbers of previous awards.

Still, the differences in the numbers might suggest that the gender gap in net worth might be even more pronounced in Hollywood than it is in other industries — although there are too few people in these comparisons to come anywhere near what would qualify as a random sample.

Readers, what’s your opinion of the contrast between the net worth of Oscar-nominated actors and actresses?

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