"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." - Thomas Jefferson

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Grape Jelly

Frugal Foodie
Mon - Jun 27 03:24pm
One of my  recent posts I commented about Pinterest and how it makes me try new things. A positive was I found a blog th...

Roe vs Wade and the US financial toll??

Mumof2's Personal Finance Blog
Mon - Jun 27 01:38am
Well as an australian I can't believe what I am hearing from the US...I have read so much and who knows how much of it is tru...

Gift Card Balances June 2022

Monkey Mama*s Monkey Money Blog
Sun - Jun 26 10:50pm
HOTEL: -------- $50 Hotel Coupon   MOVIES: -------- $50  Regal $50  Art House Theater   RESTAURA...

Take My Husband to the Grocery Store Day

My English Castle's Personal Finance Blog
Sun - Jun 26 01:45am
My DH and I had a load of errands to do today, and our local "fancy" grocer was on the way.  They had some great special...

Father’s Day and Juneteenth

Firefly's Personal Finance Blog
Sat - Jun 25 03:03pm
I went home last weekend for the combined Father's Day/Juneteenth holiday. As a federal employee I was off on Monday. I didn...

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Roe vs Wade financial impacts, no politi...

QuarterMillionMan • 27 Jun 2022 16:10:52
For me personally the year was in the 1990's when I got someone pregnant and she agreed to an abortion but couldn't afford it so I paid $500 for an abortion, I am lucky to have had that option because I was not ready for it. From ...

Post Your Wins

james.hendrickson • 27 Jun 2022 14:21:07

Have you ever been cheated?

LilyAldrin • 27 Jun 2022 13:47:21
Ten years ago when I was 17 years old, I was cheated for part-time work at a restaurant. Where I work part-time, I worked there for 4 months. When I worked for 2 months, I asked for a salary but he had enough reason to cheat. Beca...

2022 Decluttering Thread

disneysteve • 26 Jun 2022 15:13:05
It's a new year and time for a new thread. Let's get to work clearing out the clutter and simplifying our spaces and our lives. I'm off today and will find some decluttering to do and report back later. I wish you all a year fille...

Earning very penny of interest

LivingAlmostLarge • 25 Jun 2022 07:59:12
Do you guys just pay bills when they come in or do you just try to keep $ in savings and the day before or day say a CC is due. I am juggling too many CC right now and I get somewhat anxious and I like just paying off stuff when I...