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India Westbrooks’ Net Worth

By , September 7th, 2017 | One Comment

India Westbrooks' net worth
You might easily dismiss India Westbrooks as another reality star seeking to make it big in Hollywood. However, what many people didn’t know about her is that, despite her young age, Westbrooks has already amassed quite a fortune through social media. At the age of 21, she has been able to create quite the nest egg for herself. But what is India Westbrooks’ net worth?

India Westbrooks’ Profile:

Net worth in 2017: $1.3 million
Profession: Internet celebrity
Age: 21
Source Of Wealth: Social media, reality television
Residence: Corona, California
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Marital Status: Single
Education: No college education (yet)

About India Westbrooks

India “Illy” Love Westbrooks got her start by posting her pictures on Tumblr in 2011. She was so successful she has attracted quite a number of followers. She was still in high school back then and while she kept her age a secret, it was rumored that she was only 16 or 17 years old when her Tumblr following was steadily growing. After Tumblr, she moved her presence to Vine and Instagram and her fans followed suit. Her followers have only continued to grow. Now she has about 300K followers on Twitter and an astounding 2 million followers on Instagram.

The Westbrooks

Westbrooks comes from a family of media savvy business people. In 2015, India and her family became more well-known as the stars of the new reality TV show “The Westbrooks.” The show, which aired on BET, revolves around India, her four sisters and their daily lives. Many people have compared the family to The Kardashians, describing them as the “First Family of Social Media.” In fact, many individuals in the industry started calling them the “Black Kardashians” and India the “Kim” of the family. However, India herself didn’t like the comparison and when asked in an interview with Galore Magazine who among the Kardashians she would rather be, she said she’d be the Rob of the family because he seems to have never wanted the fame or the spotlight like the rest of the Kardashians.

He was forced to compromise to the good and bad parts of his new lifestyle and learned to capitalize off the situation for the better and use the platform that was given. That’s me!” she said. Although India says she never wanted the fame she’s been given, she has been able to capitalize on it fairly well.

It’s not really a surprise that India has been such a success at such a young age. The 21-year-old break-out star has had a tremendous role model throughout her life in her father. His business, New Image Global, has about 30 employess and generates around $17 million a year in net sales – mostly from selling cigar and blunt wraps.

While India’s approach to accumulating wealth has been more hands-off than her father’s, she’s still been able to make a substantial amount of money. Most of her $1.3 million net worth has been made through social media and, more specifically, Instagram.

India Westbrooks’ Net Worth

India Westbrooks' net worthIt is estimated that India Westbrooks’ net worth sits around $1.3 million. Considering that she’s only 21 years old, that is pretty impressive. She’s also the most successful of the five Westbrooks sisters.  According to internet site, The-net-worth, Her sister Crystal only has a net worth of about $100 thousand.

Making Money on Instagram

Instagram, as previously mentioned, is what really drives India’s career. When asked about how she became so successful on the social media site, India replied, ”I don’t decide when or what to post on social media. I honestly, spur of the moment, if I feel like I just took a bomb-a** picture, I’ma post it. If I just took 10 bomb-a** pictures, I’ma post it back to back to back to back to back and just let it go.”

Because of India’s confidence and good looks, she’s been able to score numerous endorsement deals. She said that she’s found most companies will pay a pretty girl to endorse their product.  In a recent interview with Black Entertainment Television, the 21-year-old celebrity said she charges a couple hundred dollars per month to put a company’s link in her Instagram bio. If the company wants a full-on promotion, they are looking at paying out $700 or more for a single instagram mention in the young starlet’s account.  Factoring in her 10 Instagram updates or so a day, and its clear that Westbrooks has substantial earning power in her Instagram account.

A lot of other celebs have been using software to power their Instagram accounts and social media. Some sites similar to Instagress have been launched recently, as Instagress was shut down earlier in the year.

Many would argue that India became rich by posting pictures of herself in bikinis and revealing clothing on social media… and she won’t deny that that is true. However, the way that she’s been able to market herself and her image has truly been the driving power behind her success. She stays on top of her social media accounts and interacts with her followers daily. India also places a fair amount of effort into her diet and exercise routine as well so that she’ll be able to continue to capitalize on her looks in the future.

Because India is still living with her family and is still youthful the bulk of India Westbrooks’ estimated net worth has stemmed from her work on social media and, more recently, her appearances on “The Westbrooks.” As she and the family continue to gain popularity, India’s wealth will likely continue to rise as well.

Want to know what India has to say about her Instagram career? Check out the video below:

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