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"You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want." - Zig Ziglar

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10 Favorite Things to Buy at Costco

By , April 28th, 2017

Do you frequent Costco? If so, you probably have a few “favorite things” to buy at Costco. Many Costco patrons have specific items that they won’t get anywhere else because either Costco has the best price or they prefer Costco’s quality over other retail stores. Whatever the case may be, it seems almost every Costco […]


Save Money on House Repairs With This DIY Air Conditioning Repair

By , April 27th, 2017

Warmer weather is on its way which means people will start to turn on their air conditioning systems. After having the AC turned off all winter, however, some individuals will turn their cooling system on to find that it needs to be repaired. Air conditioning repairs can get pricey, especially if you don’t have a […]


Sandile Shezi’s Net Worth: South Africa’s Youngest Millionaire

By , April 26th, 2017

Every once in a while you read a spectacular rags-to-riches story. Said featured person came up with a great business plan or found a loophole in the way they invest and seemingly become rich overnight. Many people think that about South Africa’s youngest millionaire, Sandile Shezi. Shezi was able to create wealth for himself through […]


What is the Meijer Return Policy?

By , April 26th, 2017

Shopping, whether it be for groceries or anything else, can be stressful. Before you leave the house you write a list (and usually forget it), you’ve got to get your grocery bags together, get in the car, drive to the store and once you get there you are supposed to just zip through the shopping […]


This Plastic-Eating Caterpillar Could Help Save The World

By , April 25th, 2017

When you think of organisms that would save the world a caterpillar doesn’t usually come to mind. However, the wax worm has proven that even the smallest contribution can make a whole lot of change. Many people have been annoyed by the presence of the wax worm for decades. In fact, it is most well-known […]


What is Jimmy Choo’s Net Worth?

By , April 24th, 2017

If you stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest fashion trends you probably know the name Jimmy Choo. Choo, a Malaysian fashion designer, has been dominating the fashion world since he started. As of today, however, it seems Choo may be pulling out of the business. It was reported that the famed fashion designer has […]


Average 401K Balance By Age

By , April 21st, 2017

There is no doubt that saving and planning for the future is important. It has been reported that most Americans wouldn’t have the cash to cover a $1,000 emergency so people aren’t really saving money… Or are they? Emergency savings accounts and traditional savings aren’t the only ways one can save and plan for the future. […]


How Bill O’Reilly’s Net Worth Will Be Affected By Losing His Spot on Fox News?

By , April 20th, 2017

Over the past year or so there has been sex scandal after sex scandal in the United States. The most recent among said scandals was that of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. A number of women came forward saying that O’Reilly made unwanted advances towards them on various separate occasions. Because of this, Fox News dropped […]


What is the Cost of Living in a Camper?

By , April 20th, 2017

The Home & Garden channel has made it tremendously popular to downsize in recent years. Many millennial home buyers are turning their attention to house alternatives like tiny houses and campers instead of a traditional home. These types of homes have just the amount of space the home buyer needs (no extra) but how much […]


YouTube Star Michelle Phan’s Net Worth

By , April 19th, 2017

I oftentimes get flustered with the number of makeup tutorials I scroll past on Facebook and other social media sites. I don’t want to know how to make my makeup look like a mermaid, however, there are clearly plenty of people that do out there because YouTube makeup artists are making bank! Take Michelle Phan, […]

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