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IRS.gov Buggy Amid Last Minute E-Filing Traffic

By , April 17th, 2018 | One Comment

last minute e-filing

Don’t say we didn’t warn you (yesterday). The IRS website is reportedly crashing from last-minute e-filing traffic.

As predicted, the online version of a traffic jam at the worst possible time came true.

In fact, by April 6, traffic to the Internal Revenue Service website was already 23.9% higher than it was last year,as both taxpayers and preparers have had to research the agency’s interpretation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

However, about a quarter of American taxpayers still hadn’t filed their returns before the start of the weekend.

Last-Minute E-Filing Is Actually Pretty Common

Although this proportion is consistent with what it was at the same time last year, it’s unclear whether the agency’s website might nonetheless see more of a last-minute traffic spike in the final hours leading up to 11:59 pm on Tuesday April 17, when taxes are due.

Most likely, the agency likely planned for a surge in traffic during this time, but still, it’s not unreasonable to expect slower performance on the IRS website during the hours closest to the deadline.

The increase in traffic to the IRS website is actually the most noticeable difference between this year’s filing season and 2017 — based on comparing cumulative statistics as of the same date a year ago and today.

Individual Income Tax Returns



% Change

Total Returns Received 103,612,000 103,762,000 0.1
Total Returns Processed 101,028,000 101,082,000 0.1

E-Filing Receipts

TOTAL 95,458,000 95,899,000 0.5
Tax Professionals 54,720,000 54,283.000 -0.8
Self-Prepared 40,738,000 41,616,000 2.2

Web Usage

Visits to IRS.gov 276,082,236 342,057,461 23.9

Total Refunds

Number 80,296,000 79,100,000 -1.5
Amount $228.951 billion $226.558 billion -1.0
Average Refund $2,851 $2,864 0.5

Direct Deposit Refunds

Number 69,293,000 68,220,000 -1.5
Total Amount Refunded $208.475 billion $205.555 billion -1.4
Average Refund Per Taxpayer $3,009 $3,013 0.1

Readers, have you filed your income tax return yet or were you planning to do it at the last minute?

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