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    Ended 2019 with:
    +768k (retirement, taxable investments and cash)
    -183k mortgage

    net worth: 985k

    does not include wife’s numbers which would put us in two commas (six 0’s)
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      Net worth was up $105k in 2019. I am excited about that. It's always nice when your assets are working harder than you are.


        Originally posted by MonkeyMama View Post
        Net worth was up $105k in 2019. I am excited about that. It's always nice when your assets are working harder than you are.
        That's about how much mine was up, too! More than 25% increase.


          Checked my receipt before I left the grocery store today and caught a $2 overcharge that was refunded before I left.


            Called my cell phone provider, T mobile, and switched to a plan that gives me the same level of service for 5 bucks less per month.

            Called my internet provider, Comcast, and switched to a plan that gives me 25% faster internet for 7 bucks less per month.

            Cancelled netflix and Disney Plus.

            Four wins. One day.

            Not bad.


              I called Spectrum yesterday and saved $30/mo. Jim reminded me this is a win


                Scored a new pair of Keen H2 Newport sandals for $22.83+tax!
                Big kid's size instead of women's, plus a clearance markdown color


                  So, I just scored $20 bucks worth of groceries for free.

                  The back story is I had a client give me a giftcard for the Holidays. It had about $20 dollars on it. I needed groceries and wanted to stretch my dollars as far as possible. So, I hit the local Kroger circular and identified a couple of deals. Then I walked to my local Kroger and picked up the following:

                  2 cartons of 12 eggs
                  12 cans of chili
                  2 packets of 6 bagels

                  The eggs were $1.99 each - I got the Kroger brand.
                  The chili was a special deal, buy 6 and get 50 cents off each. I bought 12.
                  The bagels were 2 for 1. The cost was $3.99 each

                  Basically, I worked the deals and got all this food for free. Its breakfast and lunch for at least a week and a half.

                  When I was done, the cashier complemented me on my shopping skills - it was nice.

                  The best part about it is, I walked to the story, so I got an additional 1.5 miles of light aerobic activity.



                    One of the main supermarket chains around here is having their big annual sale. They call it the Can Can sale but it includes all types of merchandise, not just canned goods. We went today because they had pasta on sale for $0.59/box which is a great price. We bought a dozen boxes of assorted types. We got 3 cases of Coke Zero. We had to spend $25 to use the Coke coupon so we browsed around as we don't normally shop there. I found a few items that I buy regularly that are actually cheaper there normally and were on sale as well. They're perishable items (cheese) but with long enough shelf lives that I could stock up a bit. We also bought a few boxes of store brand cereal which isn't any cheaper than where I normally shop but it helped get us over the $25 mark.

                    Now I have to get their app and start comparing prices to our usual store. I may start making 2 grocery trips regularly if the savings is worth it.

                    * Despite the high cost of living, it remains very popular.
                    * Why should I pay for my daughter's education when she already knows everything?
                    * There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.


                      I got a new job yesterday, part time with partial benefits (hooray). I'll continue my current job, but only during peak season, and I won't push myself to do more than 40 hours a week total. With my current caregiver responsibilities, I won't work the overtime hours that I used to do. Assuming all goes well with the new job, I'll probably stop doing the old job in a couple years. Knock wood, I hope my employment is on a "phase out work, figure out & phase in other things" glide path to full retirement.
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                        I like to watch the Oscar Nominated movies before the winners are announced. I found several that are on Netflix.


                          Our auto insurance premium is coming due. DH just completed an online defensive driver course for a discount (his current defensive driver certificate has expired). The course cost $12.50. The discount is $22+change for 6 months, and we will get the discount for 3 years so our net savings is roughly $120 ($40 per year).

                          Are you eligible for a defensive driver course discount? Have you taken the course? How much does it save you?
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