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    Change work place?)


      Air traffic controller (behind a radar scope not in the tower or waving Wanda around at planes on the ground)


        I have been working as copywritter. Now I am working as a freelance web designer.


          Night nursing supervisor in a small hospital.


            High school teacher in a rural public school district.


              I don't work a regular job anymore, wrapped that up at the end of last year. Owned an industrial construction firm for 30+ years.

              My job now is taking care of our farms which generate some income. I really like this job. Also serve on board of directors of a company that requires a few days of work per month and also generates some income.

              Other than that, just play around and manage our investments. Wife says I go at some of my hobbies like they are a job.


                Im sales manager in Big 4


                  Serving as Govt. employee over 3 years.


                    Not sure where to say Hello to you all so will start this as an initial post. I work for a vendor of the state 20 hrs a week supporting individuals discharged from the Mental Institutions to get adjusted to normal life in their new home, a low income apartment complex. I supervise a caseload and their staff. COVID cut my hours over 50%. Poor pay but better than average benefits and paid to sleep which I'd do at home anyhow so why not. Considering going out on my own around Feb 2021 to help fill in those lost wages. I also trade SPY a little during the year to speed up the retirement account and sell a little online too.
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