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Where Are the Best Easter Deals and Freebies? (UPDATED)

By , March 31st, 2018

Roughly four out of five Americans plan to celebrate Easter this year. Oftentimes, retailers use holidays like this to increase sales by offering great deals. Read on for a roundup of the best Easter deals and freebies available in 2018. By the way, Easter might not have as many sales as there are on some […]


Walmart Is Open on Easter — and Here’s What’s on Sale

By , March 28th, 2018

Walmart serves more than 100 million customers each week and usually doesn’t allow holidays to slow that down. In fact, Walmart offers sales on many holidays. So, yes, Walmart is open on Easter. However, two of Walmart’s competitors are actually closed on Easter — Costco and Target — so it’s easy to get confused about […]


Attention, Shoppers: Target Will Not Be Open on Easter

By , March 28th, 2018

Easter is this Sunday and the National Retail Foundation expects holiday spending will total around $18.2 billion.¬†For many folks, visiting the major retailers will be a huge part of getting ready for their celebration. So is Target open on Easter? Unfortunately, Target is one of the very few retailers that close on Easter. However, the […]


Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day Shopping at Costco

By , March 16th, 2018

Last minute St. Patrick’s Day shopping at Costco might not be as fruitful as it would have if you gave yourself more time to get groceries. But there are still some great deals to be had on beer, plus the traditional Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage. Costco has corned beef brisket priced at […]


What’s the Deal with Costco Self Serve Kiosks?

By , March 14th, 2018

Although it did away with self-serve for checkout a few years ago Costco self-serve kiosks are being tested in the food court of four stores. Costco self-serve kiosks debuted in test format four western U.S. stores in early February: Tucson; Covington, Washington; and the cities of Tustin and Pacoima, California. Each of these stores has […]


Where Can You Find Costco Coupons?

By , March 9th, 2018

Yes, there’s such a thing as Costco coupons, but they’re the only kind of coupon you can use to shop at the warehouse chain. The web seems to have a lot of third parties promising Costco coupons that turn out not to exist. One of the only third parties that has verifiable discount codes is […]


Costco Nutella Has All of the Flavor at Half the Price

By , March 6th, 2018

Retail warehouse giant Costco launched its own hazelnut spread in late February — and it has all of the taste of the leading brand-name product with a price per ounce that’s a little over half what the original costs. For just $7.99, you get two 35.2 ounce jars of Costco Nutella, marketed as Kirkland Hazelnut […]


Dunkin’ Donuts Holiday Hours

By , February 28th, 2018

What are Dunkin’ Donuts holiday hours — and regular schedule, for that matter? Although it’s not open every single day of the year, the chain has fairly long hours of operation and is open just about every day except for Christmas. An estimated 3 million people head to Dunkin’ Donuts every day — make that […]


How To Win the Albertsons Monopoly Game in 2018

By , February 12th, 2018

Attention, shoppers: It’s not impossible to win the¬†Albertsons Monopoly game in 2018. Indeed, some shoppers are already boasting that they have all the basic tickets for 2018 — that’s what posts say in online forums, where people are trading in order to increase their chances of winning. Although the odds of actually winning the Grand […]


Tricks To Win Albertsons’ Monopoly 2018

By , February 12th, 2018

With the Safeway Monopoly promotion already started, it is well-known that the basic Collect and Win game pieces are not difficult to obtain; it’s the rare and semi-rare tickets that are truly hard to find, not to mention the odds of actually winning the jackpot prize are stacked up even higher this year. Thus, you […]

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