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Is Nudism a Natural Way to Save Money?

By , April 26th, 2018 | 3 Comments »

nudism to save money
Despite its controversial reputation, people continue to join nudist communities. In fact, an estimated 10 to 15 percent of the American population prefers being in the nude. This begs the question of whether there’s a way to use nudism to save money?

Actually, many nudist colonies cost money to join — hence they’re often called resorts. They usually consist of walled-in communities of homes, apartments, and other amenities where people simply live in the nude.

These communities usually host a number of activities that people can perform naked — and one way or another you pay a fee to participate.

Cost of Joining a Nudist Colony

The cost of joining a nudist resort varies depending on the type of community and the amenities available.

Cypress Cover Resort, for instance, has multiple levels of membership available. If you want to become a full member with your spouse you can do so for about $874. Individual rates sit around $521 for full membership.

Other communities involve buying a home. For example, Caliente Resort sells houses for around $600,000, give or take.

Most places also offer day visits and vacation bookings, if you are curious but not interested in a lifestyle change. These costs usually range from $20 per night to around $200 per night.

No matter which type of nudist colony you seek out, many participants recommend that you also also join the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), which costs $58 annually. Actually, membership is a prerequisite for entering some communities.

Can You Use Nudism to Save Money?

Outside of the initial cost of joining a nudist community, you might be able to save money just from being naked more often. Here are five aspects of that.

  • Laundry: Save yourself the time and effort of doing laundry and with that your water bill will go down, plus you don’t have to buy any detergent.
  • Cooling: Most people living in nudist colonies find they don’t use air conditioning as much as those who are fully clothed — many of the nudist resorts just so happen to be located in warm climates.
  • Clothing: This is the most obvious of the ways you can save by being a nudist. Of course, there are still places you may have to go where you’ll need to wear clothing but your wardrobe won’t experience the same kind of wear and tear that others experience.
  • Health: Numerous studies have found that being in the nude has health benefits, which in turn might save you money on medical expenses long term.
  • Community: Lastly, you’ll also gain a sense of community with people who are just as comfortable with themselves as you are. That, for many people, is priceless.

All of these benefits clearly make nudism a money saver, but if your only motivation for seeking out a nudist colony is to save money, that could backfire if you don’t genuinely enjoy being naked. There are always other ways to reduce your spending — so you should only make a lifestyle change if it feels like a good fit.

Readers, what kind of lifestyle changes have you considered with a view toward saving money?

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  • Dan Whicker says:

    Thanks for “covering” this great topic! Most nudists will agree about the cost savings from living more of your life unclothed, and there are many “at-home nudists” who enjoy such savings by spending more time uncovered in their own homes. Side note – “nudist colony” is a dated term. “Nudist resort” or “community” are more modern terms. Thanks again!

  • Reuben Titus says:

    Not including nude living, I grew up in a maxed out money saving environment. For several years there was no electric, no telephone, hand pump on the well, a 2 holer outhouse. and my mother grew most of our food. My dad didn’t make a lot as college print shop worker and then bakery forklift driver, but they managed to pay for land and live on it. So having grown up that way I continued the policy of minimum living expense, then adding nude in garden and woods work. And now I’m aiming at getting back to growing all my own food for health and a business. I like living dirt cheap in the dirt, long as I got a cubby hole to keep warm in when it gets chilly I’m happy. I will strive for greenhouse living in winter. Hang out with my food for company.

  • Mark Boyd says:

    Reducing laundry and clothing definitely increases savings. Yes, less air-conditioning costs, too.

    Am I healthier since choosing to spend much more time nude? Hard to say – I suspect switching from smoking to vaping produced more obvious results.

    What kind of lifestyle changes have I considered with a view toward saving money?
    It wasn’t considered to save money, but since I started going barefoot all the time and everywhere, I will probably never buy another pair of shoes. They just don’t make them as well as God made feet. Shoes really aren’t neccessary for most people in any but the most dangerous of situations.


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