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What Stores Are Open on Labor Day 2017?

By , September 1st, 2017

Labor Day weekend is the last major weekend in summer and marks the start of the fall football season.  If you’re planning on hosting a get together or just want to take advantage of Labor Day deals then it’s important to plan ahead and know the schedules of drug, grocery and liquor stores in your […]


The Call of Black Gold – Learning How to Buy an Oil Well

By , March 22nd, 2017

Many investment and financial advising websites have been citing oil wells as a great way to help your money grow. A successful oil well investment can return 50 percent or more annually, depending on project performance. For some investors, the prospect of being on location and seeing an oil well come in is extremely thrilling. […]


What Does Costco Stand For?

By , December 14th, 2016

  Founded in 1976, Costco is a membership warehouse club where customers can purchase everyday items in bulk at discounted prices.  Costco is also beloved as the home of the $4.95 rotisserie chicken and $1.50 hot dog.  Frequent shoppers may be familiar with the Costco logo and may have heard rumors that Costco is owned […]


Is LuLaRoe a Mormon Company?

By , October 18th, 2016

If you keep up with new trends you’ve probably heard about LuLaRoe, a new multi-level company in the United States. LuLaRoe was founded in 2003 by DeAnne and Mark Stidham. The company was formed in Utah and sells children and women’s clothing through a network of consultants. LuLaRoe is similar to many other multi-level marketing […]


Wells Fargo May Have Opened Unwanted Accounts For You

By , October 5th, 2016

September 30, 2016 It sounds like a Hollywood script. Thousands of employees at a major financial institution create false accounts in their customers’ names and shuttle money around temporarily to cover their tracks, all to gain larger bonuses and meet sales goals. These employees even go so far as to create fake PINs and contact […]


Concerns Mount Over Government Corruption

By , September 21st, 2016

A shocking 75 percent of Americans say that corruption is widespread throughout the government. The number saying the government is corrupt is up by nearly 10 points since 2007.  While this figure is clearly a concern, it is not much of a surprise.  Much of this concern has been driven by coverage of political news […]


Debtors’ Prison for Kids: When Families Can’t Afford to Free Jailed Youths

By , September 20th, 2016

September 19. 2016 New York is one of only two states to charge 16-year-olds as adults. NEW YORK — Across the country, young people are being imprisoned because their families are unable to pay fines or court fees, according to a new report. The report, “Debtor’s Prison for Kids,” by the Juvenile Law Center, said […]


Does Costco Do Oil Changes?

By , September 17th, 2016

According to the US Department of Transportation nearly 40 million households in the United States have at least one automobile.  This means that chances are you or someone you know changed their car’s oil recently.  Due to the poor reputation of many commercial oil change businesses, you may looking for alternative sources for good cheap […]


Report: Nearly 4 in 10 Hoosier Households Struggle Financially

By , September 15th, 2016

September 14. 2016 A new United Way report says many working-class families struggle financially in Indiana, especially those headed by a single parent. INDIANAPOLIS – United Way has released its ALICE report, which stands for “Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed” – an apt description of many Hoosiers. According to the report, 36 percent of Indiana […]


Report: Ohioans Living Near Oil Refineries Earn Less

By , September 13th, 2016

September 13. 2016 Ohioans living near oil refineries earn about $20,000 less than those in other regions. (Ed Webster/Flickr) COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio is among the top 10 oil-refining states in the nation, and a new report examines the potential economic impacts of the industry on local communities. The FracTracker Alliance looked at neighborhood prosperity […]

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