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Kohl’s is Partnering With Aldi to Add Grocery Departments to Stores

By , March 23rd, 2018 | No Comments

Kohl's Aldi Grocery Store
Many brick-and-mortar retailers have struggled in recent years as the popularity of internet-based¬†business has increased. Kohl’s is now partnering with other stores to bring in more customers, which has led to the creation of a Kohl’s Aldi grocery store.

What Will Kohl’s Aldi Grocery Stores Look Like?

There have been rumors about Kohl’s partnering with other retailers to bring more traffic into its stores. While there have been plenty of mentions of different potential grocers, the company has finally confirmed it will be partnering with Aldi.

For the most part, both companies have kept everything regarding the partnership hush-hush. However, there are some pieces of information about what you can expect:

  • Kohl’s has been making space for Aldi to move in for some time now by right-sizing stores for the new addition.
  • When Kohl’s says “rightsize” it means it is making the stores physically smaller, making room for an Aldi next door.
  • You can expect to see Aldi pop up next to 10 Kohl’s stores later this year.
  • Both companies see this as a means for increasing business and controlling the cost of real estate.
  • It isn’t yet clear how many other stores will be adding Aldi sections. Kohl’s has plans to make space in up to 500 stores for Aldi, or other retailers.
  • The stores will have two separate entrances but occupy the same building.
  • Both companies will still operate independently from one another.
  • Kohl’s is looking for other traffic-driving retailers to partner with in the future.

Can You Use Kohl’s Cash at Aldi?

Right now, it doesn’t look like either party plans to share any customer perks. You won’t be able to use Kohl’s cash at Aldi.¬†Outside of being able to treat Kohl’s and Aldi as a one-stop-shop for clothing and grocery items, both stores will be exactly like their stand-alone counterparts.

Neither store has revealed where the new Kohl’s Aldi grocery store will appear first. There are also only 10 being rolled out this year and no plans on when the eleventh may debut — there’s just the goal of freeing up space in up to half of Kohl’s U.S. stores.

Kohl’s has already partnered with Amazon, which owns Whole Foods, to accept returns in stores. It is even possible that Kohl’s will open non-Aldi grocers within some of its locations. Only time will tell!

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