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Can You Make Money Selling Your Hair?

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can you sell your hair
If you are searching for new ways to make money, you’ve probably considered doing things you’ve never thought about before, including taking off your clothes.¬†Other people have gone as far as selling parts of their body and blood to make extra cash. If you’re looking for something less invasive, selling your hair for extra cash can be a great option!

Can You Sell Your Hair?

Yes, you can sell your hair for cash. In fact, selling your hair can land you anywhere from $100 to $4,000, depending on a number of factors. Considering hair is something you can grow back fairly easily, even $100 is tempting. Before you get to chopping your locks, you’ll want to be sure your hair is sellable though.

Things to Know About Selling Your Hair

To successfully sell your hair, you’ll want to keep in mind that rare colors and healthy hair will earn you more cash. It will also make it more likely that you’ll be able to sell your hair quickly. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selling your hair:

  • Rare colors sell better. Blondes and reds sell better than brown. If you have brown hair, don’t be discouraged! There are plenty of people looking for brown/black hair as well. You won’t earn as much as a natural redhead or blonde but you can still make some extra money! It is also important to note that dyed hair will not sell as well either.
  • The longer the better. Thicker is better too.¬†Long, thick hair indicates healthy hair. Not to mention, having longer hair makes it easier to make a wig or weave out of the hair the buyer obtains.
  • Well-cared-for¬†hair sells better. Stay away from flat irons, hair dye, and cheap shampoo if you want to sell your hair. These things can damage the quality of hair and makes it harder to sell.

You will also want to remember that hair sells based on need. If you pay attention to the hair buying market, you can get a good idea of when a good time to sell your specific hair would be. You can also scout out a better customer base if you check into hair selling websites and communities online. For instance, if you have brown hair and there is a heightened need for that hair type on a certain site, you’ll want to post your advertisement there.

Things to Mention When Selling Your Hair

If you are writing your own advertisement, there are a few things you’ll want to mention in your ad to get more attention. A successful hair ad generally has all of the following information:

  • How long will your hair be when you cut and sell it? If your hair is longer, it is easier to craft a wig. This can be a crucial point for many hair buyers.
  • Describe the texture and natural style of your hair. Whether it is naturally thin, thick, straight or curly makes a difference to buyers.
  • In the ad, detail your hair washing habits. How often do you wash your hair? What products do you use? Do you have any conditioning habits?
  • Have you dyed your hair? Be truthful about this! It is important to buyers and could wind up in you having a bad reputation as a seller if you lie.
  • Do you use styling products? These can have a bad effect on your hair and may impact a buyer’s decision.
  • Do you smoke or drink alcohol? If so, mention it in your hair selling ad. It is important to many buyers.
  • What is your diet like? If you are extremely healthy and take vitamins, mention it. This will let the buyer know you maintain your health (and likely the health of your hair).

Buyers may contact you for more information if they are searching for something specific. However, if you include all of this information, you have everything you need for a good (and possibly successful) advertisement for selling your hair. So, where do you sell it?

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Places to Sell Your Hair

make money selling your hair
Believe it or not, there are a plethora of ways to go about selling your hair both online and locally. If you’re planning to sell your hair, here are some places you can do it…

Selling Your Hair Online

Selling hair online is probably the most popular way to get cash for your locks. As with most things, the internet has made selling your hair fairly easy. Here are the sites where people are most successful at selling their hair:

Buy and Sell Hair is one of the most popular places to sell your hair online. This site has a low fee (only $14.50) and has an average post price of $400 to $500. No further commission is taken aside from the $14.50 post fee. Buy and Sell Hair makes it easy for buyers and sellers by making payments through PayPal.


eBay is a great place to sell just about anything. With low selling fees, selling hair on eBay may actually turn out to be cheaper than hair-selling sites. The key to successfully selling your hair on eBay is to be sure you can take great photos of your hair. eBay buyers rely heavily on photo quality to make decisions. Like with other sites, you can make hundreds and even thousands selling your hair on eBay.


HairSellon has one of the lower hair lengths allowed for sale. You can sell as little as six inches of your hair and earn cash through this site. There is no commission taken from the sale of your hair, however, HairSellon does have a listing fee. You can list your hair for sale for 60 days to a lifetime. Depending on the length of your post, you will pay between $15 and $50 to list your hair for sale through this site. However, many people have had success (even one woman who claimed to have made $4K from selling her hair).

World of Wigs

Another great place to sell your hair online is World of Wigs. You won’t make as much money on this site as some of the others. They pay out $3 to $5 per ounce of hair and will only accept hair that is 12 inches in length. They have very specific instructions on their website on how to send your hair in order to get paid. Additionally, World of Wigs can choose not to pay you for your hair if they have too much hair in stock or too much of your color.

Selling Your Hair Locally

You don’t have to necessarily sell your hair to someone virtually though. There are plenty of opportunities to sell hair locally.


Craigslist is still technically “online” but you can meet the person buying your hair. Like eBay, Craigslist allows a bit more creativity when it comes to your posting. You also won’t have to pay anyone any commission when selling your hair on Craigslist.

Local salons and wig shops

Some local salons and wig shops may make their own wigs and weave. Check some of the local shops near you. You’d be surprised at how many of them may be interested in buying your hair.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has helped a lot of people make extra cash recently. You can sell your hair there too. Be sure to include the same information you would in any other hair advertisement and re-share when you can. Like other local ways to sell your hair, Facebook Marketplace collects no commission.


Lastly, if you are unable to sell your hair for any reason, consider donating it to Locks of Love. You’ll need at least 12 inches to be able to donate but all of the hair donated goes to make wigs for cancer patients suffering from hair loss.

No matter your reason for wanting to sell your hair, consider the information above before chopping yours. Readers, have you ever sold your hair? How much did you make?

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