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What is Robert Mueller’s Net Worth?

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Robert Mueller's net worth

You may hear the name Robert Mueller more and more over the next few weeks. Just today is was released the President Donald Trump was considering firing Mueller, who has been put in charge of investigating Russia’s ties to the 2016 election.

Before we delve into the latest presidential scandal, however, it would probably be a good idea to know a little more about Mueller. Who is he and what is Robert Mueller’s net worth?

Robert Mueller’s Profile:

Net worth in 2017: $18 million
Profession: Lawyer
Age: 73
Source Of Wealth: Defense career
Residence: New York, NY
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Marital Status: Married; Ann Mueller
Education: Princeton University

Who is Robert Mueller?

Robert Mueller is a name you’ll likely hear in the news over the next few days and possibly even the coming weeks (if he continues his investigation). Mueller was born on August 7, 1944 in New York City. In his professional life he has served in some of the most prestigious defense positions in the country, including the sixth Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

He was appointed Director of the FBI under President George W. Bush. Normally FBI directors are only appointed for a 10-year term but Mueller was offered a two-year extension under Barack Obama, serving from 2001 until 2013. This isn’t what makes Mueller important today though.

Mueller was appointed by the Justice Department as special counsel overseeing the current investigation into the Russia ties to the 2016 election in mid May. It doesn’t seem like President Trump intends on letting him continue his investigation though. Trump’s confidant’s have leaked that the president may be considering firing Mueller before the investigation can really go under way.

If that is the case then Congress will find an independent counsel to represent the government in the investigation. For now, however, Mueller will continue doing his job and continue collecting a paycheck.

What is Robert Mueller’s Net Worth?

Robert Mueller's net worthHe’s been collecting paychecks for what he does for years. In fact, Robert Mueller’s net worth has risen to $18 million over the span of his career in law. The bulk of his net worth has come from his time as the Director of the FBI but that only accounts for 12 years of his 44-year career. Where else has Mueller been able to grow his net worth?

In addition to his position with the FBI Mueller has also held a number of other attorney positions throughout the years. From 1973 until 1976 he served as a litigator then went on to serve 12 years in the United States Attorney offices. He also held a number of other attorney positions throughout the years until he landed the position of Director of the FBI in 2001.

Mueller has been able to make a lot of money doing his duty as a lawyer but most of his overall net worth stemmed from his job with the FBI. It should be also noted that Mueller’s $1.4 million home also contributes to his $18 million net worth. Whether Mueller is fired by Donald Trump where this investigation is concerned won’t likely effect the attorney’s cashflow but you won’t be seeing any huge changes in his net worth in the years to come.

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