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Is Robert Mfune a Scam Artist?

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Robert Mfune
Have you heard about Robert Mfune? He is a 19-year-old boy that went from flipping burgers to riding in Bentleys seemingly overnight. It is always slightly concerning when you see someone go from one extreme to another. So, what is his story? Who is Robert Mfune and is he a scam artist?

About Robert Mfune

Robert Mfune has the story of most normal teenage boys. Mfune, who is from England, does differ from other teens in one big way though: he has a net worth in the millions! He’s worked hard to get there. At the age of 16 he was working two part-time jobs. One of his jobs was as a cashier at McDonald’s and the other was as a beverage fetcher at a finance firm. Just three years later, at the age of 19, Mfune is rolling around in a gold-wrapped Bentley and is a millionaire. So, how did he do it?

How Robert Mfune Became Rich

Essentially Mfune was able to learn about binary trading and that is how he made his riches. It wasn’t only binary trading that helped Mfune along though. He learned about the process, saw opportunity and ran with it.

According to Bro Bible, Mfune said his time fetching beverages at the finance firm really helped him with future investment decisions. “When I was a tea boy I got to learn a few things as I was always with well-informed people, from the things I learnt I went home and did my own research. It was a part time job but I always see everything I do as an opportunity to keep learning.”

Mfune certainly used the opportunity to continue growing. When he was 17 he setup his own account under his mother’s name. He needed the account to be under his mother’s name because he was still a minor. “It got to the point where she said ‘you have got to stop doing this’ so I went back to the drawing board,” said Mfune. “I met a guy who knew what he was doing, became mates with him and then as soon as I turned 18, he helped me start a trading account under my own name.”

What is Binary Trading?

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard of binary trading (though it isn’t every day that a 19-year-old becomes a millionaire using this investment strategy) but what is binary trading?

Investopedia says that “binary options are based on a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ proposition.” Traders place trades based on a yes or no answer to the simple question “will the asset be above price at time?” This makes binary options one of the easiest assets to trade. 

So, is Robert Mfune a scam artist?


Hard to say. It is possible to make millions of dollars trading binary options. However, it is statistically very unlikely. Like with any investment, there is a risk with binary trading. Not everyone will be like Robert Mfune and become successful over the span of a year. So, in order to clearly evaluate whether or not Mfune is a scam, he will need to publicly release his trading record. Until there is full and complete disclosure its going to be challenging to determine the truthfulness of his purported wealth.

Do you participate in binary trading? How has it paid off for you? 

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