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Are Albertsons, Lowes and Best Buy Open on Labor Day 2016?

By , August 29th, 2016 | One Comment

are albertsons Lowes and Best buy open on labor day 2016

In 2016 Labor Day is observed on Monday September 5, 2016.  Labor day is one of the major Federal holidays in the United States, but just because banks and government offices are closed it doesn’t mean retailers are closed. In fact, many retailers take advantage of the holiday to offer discounts to pull more business into their stores. Of course that doesn’t mean every retailer is open and running a big Labor Day sale. Below we look at Albertsons, Lowes and Best Buy to let you know whats open on Labor Day and review their holiday deals.

Is Albertsons Open on Labor Day?

Yes, Albertsons is open on Labor Day.

If you’re planning a Labor Day picnic or get-together you’ll be glad to hear America’s second largest grocery store chain will be operating with normal hours.  Store hours vary by location, so if you need to know the exact store hours for any particular location you’ll want to contact Albertsons directly. The pharmacies located within Albertsons are a different story. Some will be open with regular hours, some will be open with reduced hours, and some will be closed.  The only way to know for sure about the Albertsons in your area is to call ahead – the Albertson’s store finder is a good option for getting the number, but you can just google it also.

Albertsons Labor Day Deals

There is no national Labor Day sale at Albertsons, but most stores will be running sales on barbecue meats (pork loin, steak, chicken and seafood), carbonated beverages and potato chips.  The best way to get a good Labor Day deal at Albertsons is to coupon stack – use a combination of store discounts and manufacturers coupons to get the best deal.  Use a grocery circular meta search tool like flipp to find the best circular, then use a manufacturers coupon meta search site like couponsherpa.com to find the best deal.  Then pair the two in the store.

When you do go into Albertsons to get your purchase, don’t forget to chat up the cashier.  They may know of additional deals that you’ve missed. For example Albertsons is offering a coupon for $10 dollars off a purchase of $50 dollars or more for Labor Day. But you’ll need a paper coupon to get the deal. The cashier may have one on hand.

Is Lowes Open on Labor Day?

Yes, Lowes is open on Labor Day.  Lowes will be open regular hours from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Lowes Labor Day Deals

Lowes website offers savings of up to 10% on seasonal items like grills, ant traps and lawn mowers at their Labor Day deals page.  Lowes also offers a 10% discount to all active duty military members, members of the National Guard and Reserve and retired military members and their immediate family.  This 10% discount also applies to disabled veterans and their families. Valid military/veterans administration Identification Cards are required.  Lowes also usually offers discounts via various secondary market websites such as Groupon.com.  Contractors and those buying in bulk have regularly bought Lowe’s gift cards (offering an up to 8% discount when bought used) to reduce the price of larger purchases.  Finally, Lowes staff at their pro-services desks have the freedom to offer discretionary discounts.

Is Best Buy Open on Labor Day?

Yes, Best Buy is open on Labor Day.  Best Buy will be open regular hours from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Best Buy Labor Day Deals

Not only is Best Buy open on Labor Day, they will be running a Labor Day sale, with up to 35% off major appliances.  If you’ve been waiting to replace a refrigerator or other large appliance this will be the time to do so.  There are also discounts on small appliances like blenders. The real focus will be on major appliances though, and with the iPhone 7 being released soon electronics deals could be put on the back burner.  If you want something else from Best Buy consider these savings options:

  • Open Box Products: These are return items which Best Buy certifies as working, but are discounted because of the packaging.
  • MyBestBuy: Best Buy has a new rewards program.  For every $250 you spend you get $5 in certificates back.
  • Price Matching: Best Buy will match Costco and Amazon.com pricing (provided product is sold by Amazon).
  • Haggle: If you push hard at the end of the month you could negotiate a 5 or 10% discount.
  • Check the Best Buy Online Outlet: Some Best Buy goods are discounted up to 50% here.

For more on this read our article on drug, grocery and liquor stores open for Labor Day 2016.

If we missed any Labor Day deals please leave us a comment below!

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