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Online Retailers Compete With Amazon Prime Day

By , July 12th, 2016 | One Comment

Retailers Competing with Amazon Prime Day
Tuesday, July 12 is Amazon’s second annual Prime Day. Initially the shopping event was designed to boost the company’s Amazon Prime memberships. However, now that it is in its second year, many people and Amazon competitors have begun to prepare for the event.

Websites like Walmart, eBay, BestBuy and are all taking aim at Amazon’s Prime Day. Each of them are promoting deals of their own to compete with the online retail giant. Many of the companies are gunning directly for deals being offered by Amazon.

Walmart Deals on Amazon Prime Day

Walmart will be offering free shipping on Amazon Prime Day. This is a benefit that is oftentimes associated with being an Amazon Prime member. Prime members get free shipping as well as the benefits of being able to capitalize on large sales like Prime Day. If you click on the “Free Shipping” banner on Walmart’s website you will be brought to a comparison page where the company has taken items offered by Amazon and met or lowered the prices to compete with the online retail giant.

eBay Deals on Amazon Prime Day

eBay was gunning for Amazon when it updated its homepage to read, “Exclusively For Everyone — Always Free Shipping. No membership required.” The words “no membership required” is a common theme among companies taking aim at Amazon on Prime Day.

BestBuy Deals on Amazon Prime Day

BestBuy is also offering free shipping like Walmart and eBay. Like eBay, BestBuy is also sporting a “no membership required” tag on its website for Prime Day. Its tag reads: “Deals for all. No membership needed.” Deals on Amazon Prime Day is obviously offering free shipping on Amazon Prime Day. However, the company has also put up a tag on its website reading “Prime Savings.” will be offering the deals it is advertising for Prime Day for three days instead of just one. You will also receive 20 percent cash back on purchases from over 1,000 retailers.

Other Deals on Amazon Prime Day

There are many other retailers that will be offering great deals on July 12 to compete with Amazon’s Prime Day. Among those offering deals is JCPenny, Kohls, ToyRUs, and Newegg (as well as many others). Keep a look out for great deals throughout the day on online retail websites.

Keep in mind that if you choose to shop Amazon on Amazon Prime Day, you will need to be a prime member. This does not cost you anything to start. You can open a 30-day free trial membership, however, if you would like to continuously benefit from shopping events like Amazon Prime Day, you’ll need to become a member. Sites like, eBay, BestBuy and do not require membership to capitalize on the deals they offer.

When you venture over to your desktop on Amazon Prime Day also remember that you are only truly saving money if you were already going to buy the item. A deal isn’t a deal if you were never going to spend that money anyway. Happy shopping!

How do you think these deals stack up next to the deals being offered by Amazon?

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