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Aldi Delivery and Online Ordering

By , March 15th, 2016 | One Comment

Aldi Delivery
Aldi, known as a discount grocer, has not been around in the United States as long as it has been in the rest of the world. In many places, Aldi is a great place to save money (just like in the U.S.), but it is also just like other grocery stores. This means that you can order online and get food delivered (or even order it to be picked up).

While Aldi didn’t start with delivery and online ordering services, the company has been progressively trying to get more of a diverse customer crowd. They added online ordering, delivery and even began to take credit cards in order to do this.

Aldi Delivery and Online Services

Ordering groceries online with Aldi is just like with any other company. You put items in a cart and you pay for them at the end. You can also pay in cash when the food is delivered or picked up.

Since the company has only recently launched its delivery services outside the U.S., Aldi has
waived the standard delivery fee for groceries during the launch of the services. There is no minimum spending cost to receive a delivery from the company. Usually, the fee would be £3 or roughly $3.33 USD for standard delivery. Next day delivery is roughly $1 USD more and specific-day delivery is the same cost. Same-day delivery is not offered.

Currently, they are delivering to the majority of the postal codes in the United Kingdom (where they launched the delivery services). If you’re wondering whether they deliver to your area, you can input your postal code and address to find out whether Aldi will deliver groceries to your area.

When your delivery has arrived, Aldi sends an email to let you know your items are there. If you are a registered Aldi customer, you can track your order as it is on its way through the website. You can also track the package through the order summary email that you will get after you’ve placed your order.

One thing you have to be sure of when you order from Aldi is that you must be present to collect the order. If you are not home when the delivery is made, they will leave a note (not your groceries). This is because leaving food outside is genuinely dangerous (for cold food items) and it can also lead to animals getting into your packages and eating. If you miss your delivery, you’ll likely be contacted and asked when a good time for delivery would be.

To receive your packages the next working day, you must make you online order by 6 pm Monday through Wednesday. Any orders made Thursday through Sunday will be processed on Mondays and delivered on Tuesdays.

Although Aldi delivery has not been launched everywhere there’s an Aldi, it will likely become a more widespread option as the company continues to expand. With growing its customer base in mind, you’ll likely see a lot of changes within Aldi in the coming years. Don’t worry though. The company’s CEO is still focused on keeping prices low for customers.

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