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Beyonce’s Net Worth

By , February 17th, 2016 | One Comment

Beyonce Net Worth
Beyonce has been in the spotlight for two decades and just announced the start of her newest (and possibly biggest) tour: Formation. Since she’s announced the tour, she’s also been in the spotlight for her somewhat controversial Super Bowl 50 performance. She and her husband, rapper Jay Z, have made huge waves in the music world as well as the world of politics. What her work has really done for her is made her net worth millions upon millions of dollars. So, how much is she worth? About $465 million.

According to a recent news article, Beyonce’s current salary allowed her to spend about $10,000 a night during Super Bowl weekend. Her new tour is only going to bring in even more money. During the Super Bowl weekend, she stayed in a $50 million vacation home called Airbnb. It was located about 15 minutes from the arena. It has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, fruit trees, live chickens, a pool, a fitness center and a rooftop garden.

After her stay in this seemingly over-the-top home for the weekend, she announced her new tour (right after her Super Bowl performance). Her tours along with album sales and her overall image have led the Queen Bee to have a net worth of $465 million. Her net worth is compiled of a few different parts of her career: albums (Beyonce, Miss Swing Miss Soul, Pretty Hurts, Partition, Live Performances…to name a few), tours, her deals with H&M, Peps, L’Oreal, General Mills, her Survivors Foundation for survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

Bey definitely has a diversified portfolio which has helped her be able to have everything that she does in life (including that $10,000/night stay for the Super Bowl). While her life may seem really glamorous, Beyonce is not all that happy with life. There is no doubt, Bey loves to perform and she loves what she does. She also loves her little one, Blue Ivy. However, she and her seemingly lifelong love may not be doing so hot. There have been rumors that Beyonce and Jay Z would be getting a divorce and that they’ve been meeting with divorce lawyers. According to news sources, Beyonce and Jay Z are absolutely miserable together. There is only one reason they are sticking together (and it isn’t their sweet daughter).

A few months ago, word had gotten out that Beyonce finally pulled papers on Jay Z to finalize a divorce. Once word got out that they were meeting with divorce lawyers, the media ran with it (of course). The rumors are true. The couple wants a divorce, but there is a HUGE monetary reason why neither of them are moving too quickly towards that resolve.

Jay Z and Beyonce are worth so much more together than they are apart. When you think of one, it usually isn’t too long before you’re also talking about the other. It has been pretty clear that the entire marriage was a big publicity scam by the two. However, at the end of the day, they are both worth more married than they will ever be divorced.

So, maybe having a net worth as high as Queen Bee isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Who knows?

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