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Is the Post Office Open on New Year’s Day 2016?

By , December 28th, 2015 | 3 Comments »

Post Office New Year's Day

The Post Office has been a busy place the last few weeks with people mailing Christmas cards and packages to their friends and family. The growing popularity of online Christmas shopping has also increased the demand on postal workers. The Christmas rush may be over, but many people still have mail, such as charitable donations, that must be postmarked by the end of the year.

The post office, like banks, closes in observance of most federal holidays, but even for the most organized person post office hours can be confusing when the holiday falls on a Friday. Are Post Offices open on New Year’s Day?

Are Post Offices Open New Year’s Day?

Post offices are closed on New Year’s Day. The Post Office closes in observance of ten federal holidays each year. New Year’s Day on January 1st is the first federal holiday that the post office closes in observance of in 2016.

The Post Office will be open regular hours on New Year’s Eve, Thursday December 31st. Mail pickup from blue collection boxes will be completed at noon on New Year’s Eve. If you drop your mail in a box that is normally picked up after noon, be sure to drop it earlier on New Year’s Eve.

When Will Mail Be Delivered During The Holiday Week?

Mail delivery can be confusing when a holiday falls on Friday. Here is the mail schedule for the week:

Sunday, December 27th – Closed

Monday, December 28th – Open. Regular business hours and mail service.

Tuesday, December 29th – Open. Regular business hours and mail service.

Wednesday, December 30th – Open. Regular business hours and mail service.

Thursday, December 31st – Open. Regular business hours and mail service. Drop mail in blue boxes before noon.

Friday, January 1st – Closed

Saturday, January 2nd – Regular Saturday service.

What If I Need Postal Services on New Year’s Day?

If you need postal services on New Year’s Day and cannot wait until Saturday, there are limited services available at your local post office. Customers who rent mailboxes at postal locations will be able to access their post office box as they would on a Sunday. No new mail will be delivered to the mailbox on New Year’s Day.

Most post offices have automated postage machines in their lobbies where customers can calculate and purchase postage. The lobbies will be open on New Year’s Day to purchase postage from the automated postage machines and drop outgoing mail. Outgoing mail will not be picked up from mailboxes on New Year’s Day and will not be postmarked on January 1st.

There will be no mail delivery to residences or businesses on New Year’s Day, except for Priority Mail Express. Priority Mail Express items are delivered by the post office 365 days a year. Not all service areas are eligible for Priority Mail Express delivery on Sundays and holidays, but delivery is available in most major markets.

Is FedEx Open?

FedEx is closed on New Year’s Day. FedEx is open regular hours on New Year’s Eve and closed on New Year’s Day. The company will resume regular Saturday service on Saturday, January 2nd.

Is UPS Open?

UPS is closed on January 1st. UPS is open on New Year’s Eve with normal delivery and pick up service.

It’s important to keep in mind the holidays that the post office, FedEx and UPS close in observance of when planning for both your personal and business needs.

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