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Target Return Policy

By , September 28th, 2015 | No Comments

You’ve heard the stories from friends or done it yourself-you know when you go to Target to buy some toilet paper and then you leave having spent $100 dollars over your budget. In those moments you suffer what’s called a Target spending hangover. There are a number ways of course to avoid the spending hangover: don’t spend, spend mindfully, have a list and only buy what’s on the list, or go to the store with only the cash you need for the purchases that you’re going to buy. Sometimes though we slip up and end up with a spending hangover.

In the event that you have a spending hangover and need to return some of what you purchased here is Target’s return policy. If you purchase an item and immediately decide that you need to return it because you don’t need a new set of cute dishware it’s fairly easy to do especially if the item is new or unopened. If you have your receipt you’ll be able to get a refund or exchange the item that you purchased.

Target also has its own fantastic branded items throughout the store. If you walk through the household products aisle you’ll see tons of Target branded items. Happily, Target branded items can be returned within a year of purchase with your receipt for an exchange or refund. Personally, it seems like it would be better to return your items much sooner than later.

The next time you’re purchasing a t.v., cool headphones, or anything that falls under personal electronics, be aware that you have only 30 days to bring your item in for an exchange or return. To avoid having to return an item spend some time prior to your purchase looking at customer satisfaction rates, complaints and concerns, and product related information to make sure that you’re happy with the item that you’re purchasing.

Red Card holders-if you’re already a Red Card holder you hopefully know that you receive an additional return benefit that is worthwhile if you are busy and need to make returns from time to time. If you purchase items using your red card you receive an extra 30 days to return those items.

In case you don’t have a Red Card or aren’t familiar with it here is some information on the Target Red card. First, you can get request either a debit or a credit card. Regardless of whether or not you choose a debit or credit card you won’t be changed an annual fee. The debit card is connected to your existing checking account and functions like a normal debit card. You can only spend what you have in your account. You will have to go through the normal approval process in order to receive the credit card. Additional benefits that come with the Red Card is 5% savings every day, free shipping on some items, and the extended return policy.

It may be worthwhile to request a Target Red Debit Card if you’re a regular Target shopper. This gives you access to additional savings and the extended return period for most purchased items.

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