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Comprehensive Instavest Review

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1. What is Instavest?

Instavest is a website where people post their stock market investments and enable other users to follow top performing investors and copy those investments for a cut of the profits. This makes it super easy to get started in the stock market, especially for the novice investor.

The company is funded by Y-Combinator — the venture capital firm behind Airbnb and Dropbox – and allows its customers to view a Facebook style newsfeed of active investments from its “lead investors,” typically people who are very good at finding great investment opportunities. Once you buy a stock, your investment is tracked and sold by the lead investor when the time is right. After you sell, you have the option to gift a portion of your profits to the lead investor so that they continue to share their smart investment ideas with you. It’s that easy.

The beauty of Instavest is that lead investors also have a stake in your investments. This is a genuine piggyback approach to investing with people who have researched a stock while giving you the option to buy or sell whenever you want with no strings attached.

2. How did Instavest start?

Instavest started as an e-mail between friends sharing stock market ideas. This turned into large conversations on Twitter and Facebook and later, group meet-ups. Saleem Khatri, Co-Founder and CEO of Instavest, learned through these interactions that there not only was a need for seasoned investors to collaborate on investing, but there was a huge demand for people who had never invested before. With this in mind, Saleem and Zain, an Instavest co-founder, built Instavest into a communal and transparent service that has an easy to use interface that brings investing opportunities to everyone. The company is currently growing 15-20% a week and customers say that, “It is a fun new way to earn money from money” because it gives new and experienced investors the chance to discover winning investments.

3. How does Instavest work?

First, a member opens an account on the Instavest website. As individuals are opening an account with a financial institution, they will be required to disclose their financial and personal details, which is standard practice and required by law. Instavest uses bank-level security measures to protect personal information. All sensitive data is encrypted.

Next, an individual can decide to be a lead investor and/or an investment follower. To become a lead investor, individuals must buy stock through the website and write their reasons for making an investment. If the reasons behind the investment makes sense (i.e. Tesla’s stock price will go up because the price of batteries is coming down) investment followers may copy the investment. At any time, a lead investor can sell all or part of their holdings, allowing their followers to do the same if they choose to do so (they’ll receive a notification alerting them of the change).

If someone wants to be an investment follower, they can buy stock from the investment feed after reviewing the available opportunities. After they’ve made an investment, they simply wait for their lead investor to sell the investment for a profit. At the individual’s option, they can either receive an email notifying them of the sale and then decide whether to sell, or automatically sell when the lead investor does so for a nominal fee. After an individual sells, they can gift a portion of their profits to the lead investor they followed, for helping them find the investment.

4. Who is Instavest for?

Instavest is best suited for these types of people:

• The Noob: If you’ve never invested a dollar in your life because you didn’t know where to start, Instavest is for you! The founders take great care of new investors and hold their hand throughout the entire investment process so that their money is invested in a way that makes them feel the most comfortable.

• The Dabbler: For those who have invested in the stock market but just don’t know where to find good research and thoughtful ideas – until now!

• The Expert: Instavest lead investors seem to be experts in a specific sector or type of investing. They thoroughly research investments before putting money in and some are up +25% on their investments. They get paid when people tip them and when asked why they use Instavest, experts say, “It’s way more fun than investing on my own!”

5. How does one sign up?

Simple! Go to and click on the Sign Up button. The onboarding process is straightforward and you’ll be on your way to saving for a large purchase, a great vacation or your retirement in no time!


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