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Eight Ways to Get Cash in Hand by the End of the Week

By , June 30th, 2008 | 9 Comments »

money in handOn a recent visit to the Yahoo! Answers website, I found a lot of questions that boiled down to the same thing: How can I make money (usually about $100) fast (usually by the end of the week)? Apparently this question is on many people’s minds. So here are a few answers:

My best answer is to hold a yard sale. Gather up everything you no longer need or want, put it in front of your home, and ask people to buy it. Depending on the quality and quantity of your stuff, you should be able to earn about $100 by the end of your sale, but you will also have to part with some of the things you already own. Don’t forget to get your ducks in a row by having enough labels and getting the pricing right – people go to garage sales looking for deals, so you’ll need to organize accordingly.

Auctioning off your things is also an option, of course, but online auction sites can’t guarantee cash in hand by the end of the week (due to mailing and electronic money transfer times). Local auction houses may work if their auctions aren’t scheduled too far in advance. Auctions save you time and effort compared to yard sales, but many auction houses are selective in what they will sell, and even the things you can sell may be sold in lots for less than you would get in a yard sale. Auction houses also charge a commission, so they’re not as good as yard sales for getting the maximum amount of money.

You still have at least one other alternative for selling your things quickly: a pawn shop. With a pawn shop, you have some hope of getting your stuff back, but you still have to generate that cash to repurchase it in another way.

If you have nothing of value to sell (or nothing you’re willing to part with), you can find some discarded stuff to salvage. Gather up aluminum cans and take them to a recycling center or sell some scrap metal to a junkyard. Check local laws and salvage yard policies first. In some places, trash picking is illegal, so you have to know of a good place where plenty of salvageable materials are readily (and legally) available. You also have to know what’s valuable, be willing to work hard, and have something to carry the bulky items you find.

If you want the money quick but don’t have time to earn it, ask your friends or relatives for a loan. This option only works a few times, especially if you don’t have a good track record for paying people back quickly. You also should have a pretty good reason to make the request, something more urgent than a concert by your favorite band or a trip to the liquor store.

For those whose needs are truly urgent (and truly needs), check with local charities and government sources. You may qualify for emergency aid to pay rent or utility bills. Most of these organizations or agencies have stringent requirements, so you have to be willing to swallow your pride and fill out some paperwork.

You could also offer services to your neighbors – lawn mowing, babysitting, dog walking, car washing, etc. – in exchange for cash. Depending on your neighborhood, this option may also require a bit of pride-swallowing, unless you have an established business that offers these services. To be perfectly legitimate, this income-earning method also requires you to pay taxes (and possibly hold some special licenses or permits).

I doubt any of these answers are quite what the Yahoo! askers wanted to hear. Having an urgent need for money is stressful, and few (if any) of the fast ways to make money are ideal. Avoiding situations where you need money fast is yet another great reason to plan ahead and save money whenever you can. Ultimately, the best way to get money for surprise expenses is to earn it before you need it and keep it on hand.

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  • Lisa says:

    Alot of people have a penny/change bucket/jar that they could cash in. Check your old coat and jacket pockets and ladies check all those purses for change and bills. I admit to finding money in jacket pockets in the fall after not having worn the it since last spring. Usually not $100 but combined with a change jar it probably would be.

  • Chrissy says:

    You could sell your plasma.

  • SaveForHouse says:

    If you have some gold and/or silver coins around the house, these are an easy and instant way to get cash. Gold and silver is what I like to call “real money” as opposed to “funny money”, the US dollar. It’s accepted at coin stores everywhere and also pawn shops. In recent years, gold and silver have appreciated quite a bit (along with the price of oil) so you may get a lot more for those old coins than you thought. The only catch here is you want to do your research to make sure you’re getting a fair price. Definitely only do business with reputable coin shops. Also, I recommend over the long term buying back your coins because they’re good luck in my opinion!

  • Winkie says:

    Speaking of gold, don’t forget about selling old/broken jewelry. For a couple of broken necklaces, a couple of earrings with no mates, a pair I no longer wore, a broken bracelet, and a couple of rings that were too small, I got over $400. If you need emergency cash, try looking in that jewelry box.

  • Read Deut. 8:18, with faith and then you tell me about your blessing.

  • wealthman says:

    Wonderful article. I would suggest people concentrate on things that can not only make them money this week, but have the potential to continue to create additional funds over a longer period as well. You want to build an income stream so that having to get money by the end of the week is not a weekly occurance.

    @ Dr. Robert Murray – I’ll call your BS. Reading (and having faith in religion) will do nothing unless you take action. And the truth is that fi you take action, there is no need for the faith.

  • Disco Man says:

    Wealthman, please do not chide the good doctor. Heed the words of Proverbs 8:36. May you know the peace of having Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

  • Amity says:

    Step 1: Get off the computer. (:

    — But those are some good simple ideas.. I would say takes longer than a week to set up though,

  • nick says:

    Sell drugs


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