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"That's the American way. If little kids don't aspire to make money like I did, what the hell good is this country?" - Lee Iacocca

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How Much Should You Tip Your Barber?

By , February 24th, 2017

It’s a practically unspoken rule that you give your hairdresser a little extra cash on top of your bill. But, we’ve all been there; the awkward exchange at the end of the session where you wonder if you’re leaving enough or too much. So, how much should you tip your barber? Do you go higher […]


Q&A With Financial Advisor Chris White

By , February 22nd, 2017

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by your finances, you are not alone. More than half of Americans consult a financial advisor before they retire and even more people seek financial advice once they’ve retired from the workforce. So, what can a consultant do for you? Luckily, we’ve gotten to chat with Chris White, a seasoned […]


How to Find a Growth Potential and Value, in US Markets?

By , February 15th, 2017

It´s hard to orientate in financial markets, find the value and make the right pick. We found new financial website that will make screening the US markets easier and help you take right decisions. It´s EARNINGS Company earnings are one of the most important data every trader must consider when they are deciding which […]


Who Should Pay When Eating Out?

By , February 13th, 2017

I just enjoyed a delightful lunch with an old friend. I drove to her office and we walked to a nearby seafood restaurant where we were able to relax and catch up. It was quite a pleasure and I had a completely and thoroughly entertaining meal with her. After we had finished our lunch, the […]


Difference Between an EIN, Tax ID Number, ITIN, FEID or Federal Tax ID Number?

By , February 10th, 2017

When it comes to taxes, most of us don’t understand the ins and outs of how it all works, or how to file properly. However, when it comes to starting a business, it’s imperative that you know at least the basics, such as applying for a federal tax ID or creating an EIN number. But […]


How the Super Bowl Affects the Stock Market

By , February 7th, 2017

Maybe it is superstition, maybe there is some truth to it, but many investors believe that the outcome of the Super Bowl has an effect on the stock market. Although the two don’t seem to be related at all, many people who invest in the New York Stock exchange or the NASDAQ believe this to […]


How Much Should You Spend on a First Date?

By , February 6th, 2017

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many people are preparing for a fancy night out with their so-called valentine. Some Valentine’s dates will also be first dates and as most people know first dates can be kind of nerve wrecking. You have to think about where you’ll go, what you’ll wear and there […]


How Much Does a Cat Cost?

By , February 2nd, 2017

If you’ve been looking into getting a pet you know that there are a significant number of hours as well as a fair amount of cash involved when it comes to adopting and taking care of an animal. As far as time goes cats seem to be the most independent pet you can have but […]


Best Practice for Managing Financial Documentation

By , February 2nd, 2017

In all clerical processes the worker involved will be in receipt of paperwork whether it is in hard copy form or electronic. These days most documentation is stored online with systems such As Microsoft one drive and Google drive.  However the electronic form rarely remains totally electronic and is commonly converted to paper format at […]


Top Tips for 401(k) Diversification

By , February 2nd, 2017

Retirement is a tough topic to broach. For many of us, it’s difficult to make ends meet while we’re living from paycheck to paycheck. Retirement is a faraway concept that many Americans are neglecting, as they work longer hours and more years. However, a diversified investment portfolio is an absolute priority these days. We cannot […]

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