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    t-mobile annoyed

    So we have a very old plan from t - mobile. $120 for 4 lines well we've only used 3 lines and then last month I went to add back the 4th line and they charged me $30/month for the new line because they don't have the offical old data of 10 GB month. We actually have unlimited but they won't give us the 4th line. So I'm not paying $30/month for a kids phone.

    I'm going to try tello. Anyone try them? Or should I just stick with ting? How is ting? How is Mint mobile? What is the cheapest prepaid cell phone. Prepaid T mobile for $15?
    LivingAlmostLarge Blog

    T-mo appears to offer a 4-line plan for $105/month. Can you just sign up for that?