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"I feel that I am writing out of a full life. I am a rich man, rich in men known, in adventures had. I am rich with living." - Sherwood Anderson

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    Getting Rid of Massive Debt

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    Some For Now, Some For Later

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    Modest means, but a rich life!

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    Over Prepare, Then Go With The Flow

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    Trying to stay away from debt

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    Savings Tips, Tricks, and Mortgage Paydown Mastery!

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    A blog to help me document my journey out of debt.

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    My thoughts about life and money.

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    One cannot purchase a meaningful life.

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    Enjoying life and the financial journey along the way!

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    A transatlantic couple's muddling through their finances

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    Slowly digging myself out of a financial mess

  13. Frugal Foodie (858)
    I was an educator by day, but remain a frugalista and foodie by night.

    Saving is my hobby!

  15. Thrift-o-rama (796)

  16. My Simple Financial Plan (736)

  17. Toilet-Paper-Tracker (694)
    A place for me to record my thoughts as I save time, live frugally and stay organized.

  18. Laceshawl's Personal Finance Blog (647)
    Vegan on a Benefit

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    a delicate little flow-ah

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    Thoughts, observations, tips & advice on living below your means, staying out of debt, etc

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    After some big life changes, this is my journey to be debt-free by 33!

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    Come along with me as I strive to be financially free in 5 years

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    Balance Is A Wonderful Thing To Have!

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    On a journey to improve health and wealth!

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    Single guy and his crazy ideas on saving (and life in general)

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    Keeping track of my personal finance goals.

  29. A Bowl of Cherries (206)
    Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. - Abraham Lincoln

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    A disorganized proscrastinator trying to do better

  31. a guppy and her money (152)

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    Working out my spending impulses.

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    I want to use this blog to record the journey of my personal finance dream.

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    Basically paying down debt, budgeting, saving, and living well yet frugally.

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    . . . and my journey to relating to money in healthier ways

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    Financial Independence, someday

  43. Miss Frugal Chatterbox (10)
    Preparing for leaner times in 2018.

  44. Miss Chatty's Frugal Journies (2)
    Single mum, frugal living, paying down a mortgage on a low income.

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