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"Never invest money in anything that eats or needs repairing." - Billy Rose
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    I Got Rid of Massive Debt

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    Modest means, but a rich life!

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    Over Prepare, Then Go With The Flow

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    Trying to stay away from debt

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    Life of a reseller, saver and penny pincher!

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    A blog to help me document my journey out of debt.

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    My thoughts about life and money.

  8. Save More, Spend Less (1695)
    One cannot purchase a meaningful life.

  9. Gramma Ray's Blog (1562)
    Enjoying life and the financial journey along the way!

  10. My English Castle's Personal Finance Blog (1241)
    A transatlantic couple's muddling through their finances

  11. Trying to Save (1152)
    Slowly digging myself out of a financial mess

  12. Frugal Foodie (971)
    I was an educator by day, but remain a frugalista and foodie by night.

  13. Tightwad Kitty's $$$ Stretching Blog (966)
    Finding those 1000 ways to save a dollar & stretching my pension as far as it can go.

  14. Reaching For Financial Security (705)
    a delicate little flow-ah

  15. Journey Towards Financial Freedom (591)

  16. The farm and farmhouse (530)

  17. LivingAlmostLarge's Personal Finance Blog (519)

  18. Disneysteve's Common Cents Blog (509)
    Thoughts, observations, tips & advice on living below your means, staying out of debt, etc

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    Whaddya think?

  20. 5 years to Freedom (361)
    Come along with me transition from rental payoff to living off rentals.

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  22. Fiscal Fitness (294)
    On a journey to improve health and wealth!

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    Balance Is A Wonderful Thing To Have!

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    Working out my spending impulses.

  25. Single Guy High Impact Saving (260)
    Single guy and his crazy ideas on saving (and life in general)

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    Keeping track of my personal finance goals.

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    One persons fight for financial security!

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  29. Armywife's Journal (130)
    The chronicles of an EX army wife living in the States!

  30. Wild Blue Yonder (105)

  31. Trying To Get Ahead (100)
    Basically paying down debt, budgeting, saving, and living well yet frugally.

  32. The personal finance blog for Life Balance (79)
    Journey to freedom

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  34. Late Start's Personal Finance Blog (64)
    Investing, Frugal and Simple Living, Retiring Early-ish

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    Working, paying and saving

  36. Good Living and Lucky's Personal Finance Blog (51)
    Introspective thoughts on living the good life

  37. Keeping on track (50)
    moving things around/ writing to stay on board.

  38. blog title here (47)
    new blog 353 ____________5_________________ asdf

  39. Milly - Money on Purpose (35)

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  41. Baroque's Personal Finance Blog (23)
    Currently broke. Baroque makes it sound so much more fabulous!

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  43. 1 (13)

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    Wife and mom in my 40s trying to escape the debt cycle!

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  47. Dont Delete - This is tech support test (7)
    It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of

  48. The Budgeting Nerd (2)
    Just a mom trying to get her family out of a six-figure debt.

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