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Is the Stock Market Open Memorial Day? No.

Is the stock market open memorial day no it is not open memorial day
Is the stock market open Memorial Day? No. Stock and commodities exchanges based in the U.S. observe federal holidays and Memorial Day is one of them.

So on Monday, May 28, every U.S.-based venue for trading securities will be closed.

They’ll also be closed on the two days before the holiday because they fall on a Saturday and Sunday, when the markets are closed.

However, U.S.-based capital markets will be open as usual on the preceding Friday, May 26 along with the day after Memorial Day, Tuesday, May 30. On both of these days, these venues will be open their regular hours.

Is the Stock Market Open Memorial Day?

This schedule includes the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, U.S. bond markets, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

However, even on the days that U.S. capital markets are closed, you’ll still be able to place trades through brokerages’ websites and mobile apps. However, the transactions won’t begin to process until the next business day.

Most likely you won’t feel motivated to place a trade on the holiday and thus won’t find the closures of the capital markets any inconvenience.

Readers, what sort of plans are you making for Memorial Day weekend?

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What’s Open on Memorial Day 2018

What's open memorial day
Around 41.5 million people plan to travel this weekend — and many of them will face heavy rainstorms that may require some last-minute shuffling of plans. You might find yourself searching for indoor activities as a result — so it’s good to know what’s open on Memorial Day.

Remember that it’s a federal holiday, meaning that all government offices will be closed — and so will banks, post offices, schools and the stock market.

But that doesn’t mean that everything else will be closed this coming Monday, May 28. In fact, many establishments will hold special Memorial Day sales, with deals and freebies for veterans.

While most major chain stores and restaurants will be open — some locally-owned businesses might be likelier not to be open. When in doubt, call ahead to see whether an establishment is open and for what hours.

What’s Open on Memorial Day

Most, if not all, retail stores are open on Memorial Day. Not surprisingly, Walmart is included, along with Costco and Target.

Drug Stores

The major drug store chains, like Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS, will all be open. However, if you frequent a local, independent pharmacy, you may want to confirm their holiday hours on Monday.

Groceries and Convenience Stores

For the most part, grocery stores and convenience stores will be open on Memorial Day. Some may have reduced hours for the holiday, so you’ll want to call ahead to confirm their schedules.


Major chain restaurants will be open on Memorial Day, but locally-owned establishments may be exceptions — you’ll want to call ahead before showing up at one of them that day.

Gas Stations

Most gas stations will be open on Monday, although some locally-owned stations may be closed or have reduced hours for the holiday.

Financial Institutions and Capital Markets

Banks, credit unions, and all U.S.-based investment related entities will  be closed on May 28 — since they observe federal holidays.

But this won’t preclude you from using ATMs and online banking applications. Between the two technologies you can conduct most forms of transactions, although they won’t clear until at least the next business day.

Schools and Libraries

Both public and private schools tend to observe federal holidays like Memorial Day — they won’t be open and kids will get a three-day weekend.

Similarly, libraries will remain closed on Memorial Day. Most are also closed on Sunday, so you’ll want to be sure to make your trip to the library before it closes Saturday.

Government Offices and Postal Services

As previously stated, because Memorial Day is a federal holiday, government offices will be closed at all levels.

That includes Social Security offices, courthouses, and the Department of Motor Vehicles — all closed for the day.

Along with that, there will be no mail delivery and no postal staff on duty Memorial day — although some self-serve post office locations might have their lobbies open for people to mail letters and check P.O. boxes.

The closures include Fedex and United Parcel Service — with the exception of UPS Express Critical service and FedEx Custom Critical.

No matter what your plans are, it is always a good idea to call ahead and confirm a store’s holiday hours before heading out.

Readers, what sort of plans are you making for Memorial Day Weekend?

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