"Money is only useful when you get rid of it. It is like the odd card in Old Maid; the player who is finally left with it has lost." - Evelyn Waugh

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Building Facebook Pages for T-Shirts Sales: Day 9

By , March 20th, 2015

As I went back to study up on marketing Teespring and Teechip T-shirts to help me reach my goal of making $10,000 in my spare time, I realized that one way to better your chances of success with T-shirts is to have a large and active Facebook fan page on a topic. This will allow […]


Hello Knitty Scores First T-Shirt Sales: Day 8

By , March 18th, 2015

After failing to sell a single T-shirt with my fist two designs (gluten free and paddleboarders) as part of my quest to earn $10,000 in my spare time challenge, I decided to change things up a bit. I have access to a facebook page with about 22,000 likes, and I had an idea I thought […]


Second Attempt to Make Money with T-shirts: Day 7

By , March 17th, 2015

At the same time I came out with the Gluten Free T-shirt idea as part of my attempt to earn $10,000 in my spare time using the T-shirt platforms Teechip and Teespring, I also came up with a T-shirt for stand up paddleboarders. I’m not sure exactly how I got to paddleboarding (I was searching […]


Gluten Free T-shirt: Day 6

By , March 16th, 2015

As part of my earning $10,000 spare time challenge using Teechip and Teespring T-shirt generation platforms, I placed my first T-shirt design up with moderate hopes it would do well. I knew coming in that the vast majority of T-shirt designs fail, but the idea I had in mind met all the criteria I wanted […]


Teespring Audience Intersect to Better Target Ads: Days 4 & 5

By , March 14th, 2015

One thing I’m quickly learning is that selling T-shirts has a much larger learning curve than I ever imagined. My impression was I would simply come up with some ideas, see if they hit the right note, and if I could find enough which did, I would be able to succeed at the $10,000 in […]


Teechip Is a Better Option than Teespring for Beginners: Day 3

By , March 11th, 2015

In trying to get my first campaign together for the $10,000 in my spare time challenge, I ran across a mention of a newer T-shirt website which is similar to Teespring, but has some advantages for those just beginning to try to make money in this market. I spent some time checking it out, and […]


My Sister Is Correct, I’m Not Artistic: Day 2

By , March 10th, 2015

When I established my Teespring budget to make money or quit at $1000, I made it more than I would have if I were in any way artistic. As my sister rightly pointed out when we created the making $10,000 in my spare time challenge (although I’ll never admit it to her face), I simply […]


There Are Upfront Costs Associated with Making Money on Teespring: Day 1

By , March 9th, 2015

One of the requirements for the Teespring $10,000 Spare Time Challenge placed on me by my sister was I had to begin the challenge Monday. I wasn’t allowed to spend a couple of weeks studying so I had a solid foundation when beginning the challenge (something that I think anyone who wants to try to […]


Make Money with Teespring: The $10,000 Extra Income in Spare Time Challenge

By , March 6th, 2015

Every now and again my sister and I get together, and the result is almost always her telling me that it’s impossible for me to do something. This, of course, brings about the automatic reaction that I can do whatever particular thing she says I can’t, and it leads to various challenges I’ve attempted over […]


How College Sophomore Marc Boulos Made $80000 with Teespring

By , February 18th, 2015

For those who are looking for ways to earn extra money in their spare time with little upfront costs, one opportunity out there which may be of interest is Teespring. This is a company which allows you to design T-shirts and try to sell them. The appealing part of the company is that you don’t […]

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