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"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero

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Plan Your Financial Future with WeVest

By , August 2nd, 2017

Financial planning apps are everywhere, and each has something different to offer. WeVest is a fairly new financial planning app that offers a new perspective on saving money and growing your net worth. The app promises a straightforward and inexpensive solution to you financial planning needs. But how well does it keep those promises? How […]


A PocketSmith Review

By , July 26th, 2017

PocketSmith is a budgeting and personal finance software tool that allows you to take control of your money. It allows you to take control of your money through forecasting, or showing you what your finances will look like in the future if your current trends continue. With calendars, budgets, pie charts, and graphs, PocketSmith offers […]


20 of the Best Personal Finance Books to Add to Your Reading List

By , July 25th, 2017

In a world of misguiding money advice, how do you find the right personal finance book for you? Covering everything from saving money to the consistent habits of the wealthy, these personal finance books offer a wealth of tried and true advice. Listed in no particular order, each book offers sound council rooted in experience; no frills, […]


Outdated Budgeting Methods That Still Work

By , July 7th, 2017

Budgeting is something that many people seem to look at as outdated. A few years ago a Gallup poll was released that said two-thirds of Americans are unable to create and stick to a budget. That’s 66 percent of Americans who are unable to set up a basic budget and implement it. This may be […]


Mega List of Cheap Hobbies

By , June 26th, 2017

When life gets you down, hobbies are a powerful way to heal. Even Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg values hobbies so much that they are one of the things the company looks for in individuals when making hiring decisions. We all know, though, how expensive they can be, such as collecting classic cars and yacht racing. The […]


How Much is a Gallon of Milk at Meijer?

By , June 20th, 2017

It is an interesting fact that many people judge how expensive a grocery store is (or isn’t) by the price of specific items. One of the most popular items shoppers look at is milk. The cost of a gallon of milk at a grocer can make someone think differently about the store’s prices all around. […]


Stop Waiting for Payday: Plan Your Budget Ahead

By , June 19th, 2017

Many people are caught in the perennial cycle of living between paychecks. At the beginning of the cycle, they will spend heavily; but at the end of the cycle, they are forced to be more cautious. Despite that this is a common behavior, I think there is a better way forward.  Choose Three Budget Categories […]


Ways to Save in the Bedroom

By , June 12th, 2017

Our main objective is to save money wherever we can. This is why we are reading, and writing, this blog. When we are shopping or in our homes, our minds can’t help but wonder, “Am I wasting too much money here?” You may be in your bedroom. There are some obvious areas where too much […]


Making The Most of Your College Meal Plan

By , June 7th, 2017

Whether your college uses dining dollars or meal swipes, if you’re living on campus, you have a meal plan. Meal plans are fantastic because they are built into your tuition and ensure that you will not go hungry for the whole school year – that is, unless you run out before the year is over. […]


Can You Save Money With Sling TV?

By , May 15th, 2017

If you’re trying to save money you may look towards your entertainment costs to cut first (that’s what I always do). For this reason, many people have turned to non-traditional television services, leading to rise of giant companies like Netflix over the years. There are some things that you can only see on TV though […]

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