"I finally know what distinguishes men from other beasts: financial worries." - Jules Renard

Articles by Susan Paige


A True Side Gig Where Everyone Earns Over $1,000 Per Hour

By , April 23rd, 2018

Introduction To Tradelines A couple years ago a highly respected friend of mine introduced me to the idea of selling “tradelines” for some side money.  (For those of you who don’t know, tradelines are mainly just credit cards whereby you get paid to add someone to your credit card as an authorized user strictly for […]


Calling All Financial Advisors: Thought Leadership Opportunities

By , April 20th, 2018

An emerging leader in the newest generation of personal finance blogs, District Media Finance LLC seeks to forge content partnerships with licensed financial professionals who want to position themselves as thought leaders online. Although this is an unpaid opportunity it’s priceless as a business development channel for your financial advisory or securities brokerage work. Our […]


How to shop for a cause and yourself?

By , April 13th, 2018

Every day, we think of buying something that is for us, our loved ones and sometimes even for strangers. It is important to understand our social responsibility and accordingly purchase things that can be beneficial for others even. This might not be possible for you every time, but there are ways in which you can […]


Smarter Shopping – How to Save Up To 80% on Your Online Purchases Using Effective Discounts

By , April 12th, 2018

There is always room for some extra pennies in your pocket, particularly if saving money is, at the moment, a high priority on your list. Whether we like it or not, saving doesn’t come naturally to all, and it can incredibly challenging to cut your spending in areas that you just enjoy a tad too […]


Know about Forex Brokers and the Best Firms to Deal With!

By , April 12th, 2018

With uncountable trading alternatives now coming up, Forex brokers are the firms which provide the currency traders with all sort of access to the trading platform which facilitates them to purchase or sell the foreign currencies. Generally, any currency trading broker is also known by the name of retail forex broker, or the forex broker […]


April Events 2018

By , April 12th, 2018

As the month of March ends, everyone is looking forward to April! April is the month which brings about the spring season. While nature is in bloom, there are many events across the world to look forward to during this month. April is so full of celebrations that it even starts with April Fool’s Day.So, […]


Be smart in Forex trading profession

By , April 11th, 2018

There are many people investing in this industry and not all of them are successful. You may work all day long but if you are not smart, you cannot get the profit in your account. Being smart is a way you can achieve your goals and also keep your money in the account. This article […]


Booking a Holiday and Cutting Costs

By , April 5th, 2018

Official records say that the cost of overseas holidays are steadily creeping up, and meanwhile, the cost of living is doing the same. So when it comes to booking a holiday that will allow you to take an enjoyable and comfortable break from everyday life, you will naturally want to keep cost to a minimum […]


Accident Claims Cutting the Cost of Cycling

By , April 3rd, 2018

In recent years, as shortage of fossil fuels and focus on slowing the effects of greenhouse gases has come to the forefront of society, cycling has been championed as one of the key measures against the emissions caused by vehicles. In a society that is also facing an ‘obesity epidemic’, cycling presents the benefit of […]


3 Step Guide to Protecting Your Business Finances

By , April 1st, 2018

Everybody these days wants to start a business, but only a few people will actually succeed. The reason for this is because of the fact that they don’t take the time to look after their company’s financial affairs. Money is the thing that kills most businesses, and this is something that needs to be in […]

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