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Should I Sell LuLaRoe?

By , March 14th, 2017 | One Comment

should i sell lularoe
LuLaRoe (LLR) has recently taken the world by storm…or, at least Facebook. With as many people that are involved with the multi-level marketing company, you might wonder, “Should I sell LuLaRoe?” The answer: it depends.

What is the investment to get started?

The minimum investment to get started with LuLaRoe begins at roughly $5,000. But, what we’ve found when speaking with consultants is that fronting more is better since you are using this money for your initial inventory.

For instance, Kristi Trimmer, blogger and LuLaRoe consultant, said that she began with $7,000, which provided her with about 400 clothing items. The recommended is 700-800 pieces, with many consultants having an inventory of 800-1,000 items.

While you can certainly stick closer to the $5,000 range, it seems better for sales to go bigger. This does not include, though, initial costs of expenses for your direct sales business. These expenses may include hangers and storage for your inventory, Facebook ads, business cards, and other marketing expenses. Even though it may not be required to purchase these other items, retailers yield better results when they do. In fact, the England marketing agency, SoMarketing, says that putting time in better imagery helps put you ahead of your competition and improve sales. Of course, better images means more money. Even Trimmer mentioned in her blog post that she decided to purchase a light kit to take better images of her inventory.

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How do you make money from LuLaRoe?

27269142936_4a531d3152_zThere is one major way to make money from LuLaRoe: Hustle. And no, we don’t mean steal from people; we mean work your tail off. Retail is hard, and it involves maintaining an inventory, maintaining an online presence (more so in the LuLaRoe case since there is no brick-and-mortar), and standing out in the crowd. You might find yourself attached to your phone conducting sales at 10 p.m., and you need to be OK with that. Doing so may lead to replacing your current income or creating an apparent substantial stream of revenue for you, as these two Floridian women did in 2015. 

Consultants have been able to sell a minimum of $500 worth of clothes in one night, but that does not mean the profit is high. One thing you won’t hear many LLR representatives discuss is the actual net profit.

Mommy blogger, “Mrs. Bottlesoup,” warns that, after the numbers up herself, you MIGHT be lucky just to earn back your initial investment (depending on how much you put in) if you sell every item in your inventory. She uses the following example based on another LLR blog:

If you sell 70 items per week over the course of the month from your initial $5,500 investment, with an average value of $18 per item, you would earn $5,040 after expenses, leaving you with 101 items still available to sell. This still puts you in the red at $460 since your initial investment was actually $5,500. You would need to sell all the items from the inventory (381 to be exact) to put you back in the green at $1,358. Not accounted for is the time spent making these sales (breaking down the hourly wages you might be missing out on) along with any freebies you might give away for marketing purposes.

But then, you need to purchase more merchandise in order to keep making money. And thus, the process continues.

The Pros and Cons

If you are still asking yourself, “Should I sell LuLaRoe?” you need to weigh out the pros and cons.


  • Work from home and flexible schedule
  • Geared toward stay-at-home moms
  • Unique and comfortable clothes for both women and children
  • Limited patterns, which helps to increase their sales because everyone gets a different inventory, making it easier to have more than one consultant in one area
  • Signs on new consultants regularly, which may be a sign of business growth and product demand


  • People tend to buy from the same people, making it a challenge for new sellers
  • Too many consultants can become overwhelming when inviting friends to join groups online on Facebook or trying to find people to sell under you
  • Many LLR strict business policies end up hindering sales, such as publishing certain posts online
  • Some consultants claim lack of quality control due to more of a focus of signing on multiple consultants a day
  •  Low rating score on the job hunting site, Glassdoor, including complaints of difficulty in contacting corporate and missing items

Should I sell LuLaRoe?

Signing up to sell LuLaRoe essentially means you will be running your own business, which means everything falls on you. Although you will have a coach and some tools provided with your start-up kit, you are still responsible for making the sale and bringing home the LLR bacon. Not to mention, you will stay have to pay taxes at the end of the year. Selling for LuLaRoe involves a strong mindset and not one that everyone has in order to be successful.  But, it is definitely possible to be successful with LuLaRoe, as several women have proven.

The returns are not always high, and because you are only selling one brand, there is a lot risk involved. However, the company does also make it a point to include new styles fairly frequently.

Overall, the retail business, in general, is difficult, and it is not meant for everyone. Before you decide if you should become a fashion consultant for LuLaRoe, do research on the retail business, their restrictions for sellers, but most of all, know yourself; be real with what you know you are willing to do.

Have you considered selling for LuLaRoe or are you currently a consultant? Share your experiences in the comments below. 

Photo credit: Andy DeVelin

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  • Hey Jennifer,

    * April was a rough month for me… 🙁 I was sick for 3 weeks out of 4 weeks…. and I think I sold like a dozen or so things…. but in all honesty…. YOU get what you put into this business…. So I did not work much in APRIL and so that is why I did not sell much… The sales I did have I was part of a LuLa Crawl and had a few friends stop by and purchase from me… So not really even trying I sold about $700 in April… Of course I am in several sales today so the month is not over yet.. LOL… maybe I can get to $1000 for the month. 😉 Tomorrow will mark 4 years of LuLaRoe… The birthday leggings were sent out to consultants and what a freaking mess… I did not get any.. zero zip nada… With that being said some consultants got over 2 dozen pairs.. and albeit we were suppose to get only 2 pairs each… Keep one pair and gift the other pair… Not sure who was responsible for the screw up, but I hope they fire them… That is the type of stuff that LuLaRoe does not need… They do not need more screw-up’s… SO with that being said maybe I will be lucky enough to score a pair of birthday leggings…. I was planning on doing a mystery leggings with 10 pairs one being the birthday pair.. but oh well… So May I am putting it out there and saying it to the universe and you that I am going to work super hard this month to try to get to $6k in sales that would be an over $3k profit…… See I spend alot of my time talking with people about lularoe and helping people sell their lularoe.. LOL…. So this next month I am going to work on me… You probably can understand this as you have this amazing blog that you are constantly helping people with advice, information, etc… I saw a few people here looking for my contact information…. Anyone can find me on FACEBOOK under LuLaRoe now with Sherri Katnic or under Lightning LuLa Bugs the huge multi I run and own… There is going to be a huge announcement in May–LuLaRoe is reporting that it will be a game changer for consultants… idk what it is…. But I am guessing we will find out May 2nd on the Tuesday training call/webinar… Every Monday there is a Quebie call/webinar so if anyone wants that so they can listen in and see if that helps anyone decide not to join or to join I am happy to connect them with that. Also my team has a Q & A call, So if anyone needs info they can get it there too… so just look me up etc.. and I have Gmail too… so anyone can email me at my Gmail… for lularoesherrikatnic…. Lately my life has been very hectic…. Illness was definitely not my friend in April.. Now my husband and 13 year old are sick… Because I did not do much $$$$ in April, I am planning a swap with a local consultant to freshen up my inventory… A swap is when you trade your duplicates or your old inventory with another consultant to freshen your inventory up and have new stuff to put in front of your customers eyes… as even though there are several… and I mean several like in dozens of consultants in my area… Most of us still have different customers… So swapping works out to be pretty amazing… Keeps our inventory fresh and we get to chat and swap… I also think I am going to do a DESTASH in about 2 weeks and move stuff at 25% off…. Oh another very cool thing is the NEW and improved RETURN/REFUND/EXCHANGE policy with LuLaRoe….

    SO I sat on this for a week and I am going to finish up writing it…

    * It is my opinion that LLR is for the individual retailer what they put into it. Right now for me I am slow – and not working alot. I was sick in April and do that I stopped LLR & took care of me… with that being said I have a business model I follow… to make sure I have success.. It works for me, it may not work for everyone…. But I have 3 friends using the same model and it works for all of us. .. What I have seen is the people that got into this thinking the clothing sells itself, well to a degree it does.. It’s super popular and trendy right now… I will still be here a year from now… Why? Because all this negative hype… Won’t last.. & really at 4 years in this is as I said before I baby company that will go global. and is quickly becoming a positive household name. The positive outweighs the negative by far… I get what I put into this business.. & I have never had to work 18 hour days.. that’s nuts!! If you are doing that re-evaluate what you are doing… Spend some time in the back office with time management and make some changes. I myself find that I too need to tweak things here in there and adjust to the changes etc… If you got into this business because you wanted to be rich overnight then you got into it for the wrong reason. LLR is more of a BRAND with a Mission to serve people, help people and be there for people… Bless people…

    Do you know why one business closes on the same street yet another stays open… Quality, Service and you… I personally quality check every garment that comes out of the box… I quality check again before I ship it out as well. there by, keeping my returns, exchanges and refunds down.. Even a giant dept. store like Macy’s has QUALITY issues, but people still shop there… right? and you’ll pay $150 for a pair of designer jeans or $500+ for an expensive purse… etc.. SO $25 for a pair of leggings many of which I own… and I have had 2 pairs of my own get damaged.. One I put a hole thru the top of the rear while pulling them up… They were a little extra baggy TC and I was pulling them up, getting dressed & wham my finger nail punctured the leggings… Another pair I sat on a garage stool with jagged edges & snagged my leggings again on the bottom… 🙁

    I get that people are upset, but really LLR is an amazing company to sell for. If you are not happy, if working at home selling LLR is not making you happy or that it is providing more stress in your life, then you should get out.. Leave, but do it with dignity, and kindness… I read someone said Mark and Deanne’s mansion….? LOL.. I have been to their small suburban home in Corona and it is a normal typical SO. Cal home. Maybe it is 3-4 bedroom/2 bath home.. in Corona, CA… If anyone knows that part of California then you know it is not that great… But You could not pay me to live in Corona.. Sorry Corona, but between the weather (which is just AWFUL)and the what looks like horrible crime rate I could not live there…I have a girl on my team that lives in Corona, Ca… and I go to visit her from time to time, it is 2 hours away from where I live on the coast… But I live in Ventura, it is gorgeous here… My rent is $2450 a month that does not include utilities either… WE definitely pay the price in CALI but then so do most of 3+ millions of people that live in Cali…

    THE $10,300 BIRTHDAY leggings still bugs me: Because as you have already read It really did happen… So I did SEE a pair of birthday leggings in May of 2016 Black with streamers sell for $10,300 (those are the ones I wanted!) and I will go to my grave with that one because I SAW that auction myself… I even talked about it on Periscope multiple times not sure if I flipped the camera around but I was talking about it and people were responding to it so I will have to go back and look at my old periscope videos.. Why anyone would want to start crap with me over that is ridiculous.. I mean really… EBAY, what I know is that I saw an auction close with a closing bid of $10,300 & I don’t know the outcome of whether the person paid for it or not… I have also seen leggings on EBAY selling for $2000.. So there, you don’t believe me, I really don’t care but one thing for sure is I DON’T LIE.. EVER!

    I constantly hear people talking about drinking the kool-aid or not drinking it etc….. That has very negative connotations considering that cult group back in the late 60’s or 70’s killed themselves Mass suicide Jim Jones style with Flavor aid… I get so tired of reading the negative but I do read it… because I learn from them. I learn what not to do or what to do… What works for some people might work for others or not work for others… Try not to compare yourself to anyone.

    If you are thinking on getting into LuLaRoe it is a good company. Does have bumps in the road right now.. YES, it does… but they will be resolved.. and the haters well they will still be there…. BUT, more and more people are loving lularoe every day… and on that same note, people are getting upset and not liking the Kool-aid…(cough)… not sure what that ratio is but I know that the good outweighs the bad exponentially…

    IF you are doing this for MONEY- DON’T JOIN
    IF you are doing this to quit your FT overnight JOB- DON’T JOIN

    LLR is a huge huge investment, it is a business… YOU have to work… You should set hours, make a schedule for yourself and delegate your work load effectively with LLR so that you can still spend that time with your family that you wanted.. & taking care of the things that matter in your life besides LLR.. I would never try to convince anyone to take that step and invest that much money on anything. It’s $5000 plus if you want to add leggings it is like another $700-$1000 to add about 60-100 pair

    IF you are doing this because you want to supplement your income then – JOIN
    IF you are doing this because you want to eventually quit your job – JOIN
    IF you are doing this because you want to work from home with your kids and family then – JOIN
    IF you are doing this because you want to be apart of something Bigger & AMAZING & Wonderful! – JOIN
    IF you are doing this because you love the sisterhood/brotherhood you’ve seen, and want to make new friends then – JOIN
    IF you are doing this because you are on medical leave from your regular job and need to make a little money while you wait for the outcome of your W.C. case then – JOIN (that is what I did)

    *I joined for all of those reasons….

    If you join and take out a loan: Please pay your loan back. I keep reading in debt, in debt. I did not work much last month remember… BUT I sold enough to pay my loan payment back that I used to pay for my inventory. I sold enough to buy groceries for my family. I sold enough to go away for the weekend with my husband and fill my gas tank up. Take my 13 year old son to Carl’s Jr. and we went to Kohl’s and I bought him so Vans, 3 pairs of pants and some funny t-shirts… I think the funniest one was DEADPOOL riding a unicorn… LOL… Anyways so what I am trying to say is YES you will read HAPPY success stories and you will read not so happy stories of LLR retailers. People that are G.oing, O.ut, O.f, B.uisness Sales.. If you are getting out and closing your doors then I am sorry that this has happened to you and I am sorry it did not work out for you… BUT don’t ruin it for everyone else by speaking ill or nasty about it because you as you may say did not like the taste of the kool-aid. Especially if you really honestly did not work your business.. Albeit some of you did, and that is fine.. Who knows why it works for some and not for others?? … and it is not just the people at the top that it works for it works for people in all capacities… & in all levels… and on the other side of that it obviously has not worked out for some people… Are the G.O.O.B. sales hurting consultants/retailers sales.. YES it is.. BUT I get that you want to recoup your losses. BUT not everyone who says they are going out of Business, is.. Some are saying this just to move inventory… and everyone knows that a GOOB’er sale is usually half off… BUT not ALL RETAILERS/CONSULTANTS do this and you can NOW call LLR at (951) 737-7875 and you can get a full refund 100% of what you paid back on what you have left.. There is now an exiting process and people standing by to help you thru the exiting process…

    Ouch another update- I was irked by the response someone made about the $10,300. pair of leggings SO I went on to eBay, Because I just hate when someone calls me a LIAR. when I most absolutely 150% NOT a LIAR.. There is LULAROE BIRTHDAY leggings on EBAY right now that SOLD (search completed listings for these) $11,700.00 with 29 bids… HELLO… and if anyone cannot find the listing I took a picture of it. You can contact me [email protected] or on FACEBOOK as Sherri Katnic. I will be happy to forward you the photo. I have already had many consultants/retailers reach out to me for much needed help that I am more than happy to give… Am I going to work my butt off this month selling LuLaRoe… Nah… But then again I don’t need to right now… I’ll make enough to pay my loan payment, take my teenage son out and spoil him a bit, Pay for my Zoloft (don’t need Kool-aid, I have Zoloft.. BWAAAHAHAHAHHAA!!!) and start planning my Summer vacation. and NO I am not rich. We live paycheck to paycheck right now… But what I need LLR to be for me is a BUFFER,I need something to keep me busy daily so I don’t go crazy while waiting for my W.C. case to finish up which will probably be another year on that whole BS… and provide extra money so I can still do fun things with my kid, pay off my loan, by a new car this year.. to haul my family and LLR around in plus use for all the awesome camping trips we like to take… I’ve met and made many new friends online an in person, thanks to LuLaRoe. For me LuLaRoe has been amazing and it has helped me begin to climb out of my PTSD shell. It ahs opened me up to surviving daily rather than living in a BALL of fear crying and sleeping all day… whisking my life away as deal with trauma that happened to me over 2 years ago.

    MY WHY: is ME – ME! I have not been me for a while now, see I was injured at work well attacked really & my work did not support me or help me. In fact they escalated the problem and made things entirely worse.. and LONG story short LuLaRoe has saved me from all of that. After my case is over I may go back and continue working for my employer or maybe just maybe I will succeed despite others who are not… and I will be able to tell my employer NO thank you to returning to work or maybe just work 2-3 hours a day rather then 5.75-7 hours a day . If I can take care of me, If I can get up in the AM and do this job, this LulaRoe job.. If I can help other people that are doing this too. If I can keep a schedule and be home for my family too… Wow that is a HUGE BONUS for me.. a win win…. See by taking care of myself, I cover everything else…. and LuLaRoe motivates me to do this. I’d like to say that it was me that motivated me… BUT really it isn’t it is everything else about this company that makes me get up in the morning to face another day. It is a serious amount of work, if you think it’s easy it’s NOT… BUT it is your JOB, you’re the boss, you make your schedule. you set limits on yourself etc. If you want to put $1000 in the bank, or $10,000 the choice is yours… LLR has a business model that if used can lead to success… I use my own.. when I use it I am super successful… But like I said I am not racing to sell right now.. I am taking it easy… and I can afford to do this.. I sell what I need to sell… that’s it… simple really… and when I want to begin ramping up my business I will, but in my time.. DO I want to cruise qualify?.. Nah.. Can I-YEP sure can, BUT I want to go back to Hawaii…. I want to go to Washignton to see my mom, sister and son & DIL… so if I am making money I am going to where I want to go… I have a bucket List too but the Bahamas are not an immediate necessity on my bucket list.

    Here is what you should know:

    *Can you fail,? Absolutely….
    *Can you be successful? ABSOLUTELY

    *DO not join if you think that ONLINE sales is your ONLY source of selling.

    * The in person pop-ups, vendor events plus online via albums in Facebook, Instagram or Booteek, or swift order, Pinterest , or Shop the Roe — selling platforms.. and live sales via Facebook or Periscope, or YouTube in addition to one on one sales… etc…

    The choice really is yours…

    **BUT, you may need to wait out the Goob’er Sales… 😉 they should not be much longer… Now that LLR stands behind their retailer and will give you back 100% of your investment if you so choose to get out of selling LuLaRoe…

    NO restocking fee either, now how about that? Hooray I say… with more good news to be dropped soon with new “game changer” to soon sell… I do not know personally if I will be selling that new game changer.. 😉 but I am sure it will be awesome…

    Again if anyone needs a LLR pep-talk you have a upline who has left the company or you never talk to your upline.. You can contact me… But reach out to them.. They are your go to person.. they should be there for you and if they are not go their upline’s upline or coach, mentor etc… But again I am happy to help…

    I am a normally positive upbeat person, I try to help others, I live by the golden rule and have raised my kids to do the same… I am married to an amazing man who supports me and I support him… give and get.. Sort of like my lularoe business.. I get back what I put in.. Give and get .. I feel very fortunate that LLR exists for me… I love LLR… the good, the bad the growth spurts, the sickness and health… etc etc and so fourth… I’ll be here thru the ups and downs and the up agains… etc… That is what happens with most companies… Ups and downs… Countless other companies that are amazingly successful have had the same ups and downs… Have faith… I’m hearing George Michael in my head now.. LOL Gotta have faith, faith, faith…

    So with a wink and a smile…. I’m off to slumber land.. Good night Jennifer, Good night people, Good night moon…

    Hugs and Happiness always (even if it is ZOLOFT induced 😉

    <3 Sherri Katnic


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