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Ivanka Trump Net Worth

By , June 24th, 2016 | One Comment

Ivanka Trump Net Worth
Almost everywhere you look, Donald Trump is in the news. We used to know him for his real estate business, but now, we know him as one of our presidential candidates.  In recent years, daughter to the real estate mogul, Ivanka Trump, has been developing celebrity status as well.  While Ivanka started her career as a model her presence really flourished, however, during her time on Donald’s reality show, Celebrity Apprentice.  But, that is not what has made her net worth what it is today.

So, what is Ivanka Trump’s overall net worth? Currently, her net worth is estimated at $150 million.  While the amount of publicly available information about her actual assets is rather thin, a review of her career suggests her wealth is partly due to her family name and partly due to her own efforts.

Evanka Trump seems to have had the entrepreneurial spirit since she was a child. At 15, she hosted the Miss Teen USA Pageant, of which her father was producer. Later, she took on her own endeavors through modeling as a way to generate her own income and majored in economics during her undergrad at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated at the top of her class in 2004.  And while having the Trump name adds to her net worth, her successes in modeling, writing and business all contribute to her overall wealth as well.

Most of her wealth comes from her company and her former modeling career, both of which she worked hard at achieving on her own. Always a go getter, prior to obtaining her position at The Trump Organization, she worked at Cleveland Based Forest City Enterprises under real estate developer, Bruce Ratner. In 2005, she joined  her family’s company selling properties globally.

Although being the daughter of a real estate mogul has definitely given her more social capital than most achieve in their lifetimes, Ivanka’s own efforts have generated substantial wealth.  Along with being Vice President of Development and Acquisition of The Trump Organization, she is the owner of her own jewelry line, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry and other merchandise through the Ivanka Trump Lifestyle Collection. Her clothing and perfume lines are marketed through companies such as the G III Apparel Group and Perfumania Holdings, Inc.  In 2013 her merchandising efforts were reported to have earned $250 million.

Finally, Ivanka Trumps’ net worth has started to snowball.  She recently invested $1.1 million in start up company, TwigTale and through a Delaware Registered LLC, Ivanka Trump owns a two bedroom apartment at 502 Park Avenue in New York.  The New York Apartment is valued at $3.7 million and rents for around $15,000 per month.  Finally, Ivanka and her husband recently purchased a spacious apartment on the upper east side of Manhattan.  The lavishly decorated 10 bedroom space is valued at over $16 million.  In addition, Ivanka is reputed to have ownership stakes in several of Trump senior’s projects including Trump National Doral and others.

Have you ever calculated your net worth? How does it stack up to Ivanka?

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