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Three Ways to Make Money Online

By , February 26th, 2016 | One Comment

Make Money Online
One of many game-changing inventions in earth’s history was that of the Internet. Nothing else has come close to impacting the lives of so many people, in so many different ways, and in so many different places. One of the most positive opportunities the Internet has provided stems from the Internet’s ability to build help wealth or a secondary income. Millions of people are making a great living without ever leaving the confines of their own home. It’s wonderful!

A significant amount of people have wondered if making money online is something they could do, but a much smaller number have taken the steps necessary to generate that income. Here are three ways people are making their livings online.


You would be hard pressed to find someone that uses the internet but has not used Amazon. The ecommerce giant sells billions of products each year, making a significant amount in the process. Many people have learned that they can buy products in bulk online, then turn and sell those products for a much higher amount on Amazon. While the process can be a little complicated to learn, once understood it is quite simple. Millions of people are making significant amounts of money buying products straight from manufacturers and selling via Amazon and many of them have systems that require almost no work on their part.

There are many sites including Udemy that provide trainings for those interested in selling via Amazon. Most trainings cost as little as $9 and if you’re serious about selling on Amazon are well worth the buck. The good thing about this method is very little risk. After the price of a course many users can find small products for $10-$20 to start out selling, then after making small profits they reinvest and continue to grow their business.

Stock Market

Most people know a bit about the stock market, though that knowledge is likely a distorted puzzle with plenty of Hollywood truths slipped in. What is true about the stock market, however, is that there is a lot of potential to make a lot of money via stocks. Similarly there is the potential to lose a lot of money. Luckily the internet not only provides a medium to trade stocks, but there are thousands of stock trading websites that offer free market trader courses to get beginners started..

One recent update in the world of stocks is the Robin Hood app for iPhone, which offers completely free stock trades. The goal of Robin Hood is to make it possible for everyday people to invest and benefit from the economy that they are a part of.


There are billions of websites on the internet today, with the average adult spending 20 hours online each week. Most of these websites are finding ways to profit off of the service they provide, whether it is through eCommerce or advertising.  Many companies will pay websites to offer ads on their site, which is why most people are used to seeing ads on the top and sides of pages they visit. These ads typically pay the website owner each time someone clicks on them. With enough traffic to their website, many of these owners make a great living off of their sites. As with the other two, there are dozens of sites offering free web-building tips, as well as simple site builders like WordPress.

The point of all of these is that opportunities are out there. With so many opportunities available online, it is a simple matter of getting the motivation, seeking out the learning, finding your passion, then doing it. Millions of people do this each year and often succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

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