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How PewDiePie Raked in $7.4 Million Last Year as a YouTuber

By , July 9th, 2015 | 5 Comments »

How PewDiePie Raked in $7.4 Million Last Year as a YouTuber

Yep, PewDiePie made over $7 million dollars last year. This secures his spot as the wealthiest YouTuber of all time.

When this was recently revealed by a Swedish news outlet (Felix is Swedish), many people were outraged. Here are just a few (of the many!) hateful comments seen on social media:

I find what he does complete garbage. Same goes for people like paris, kardashians, etc…

The one thing that does bother me, and IS a real, serious reason is he makes more money than many of the games he “reacts” to. So… all the man hours, creativity and skill that go into making those games are worth LESS than his idiotic blubbering about them. THAT is SAD AS HELL.

pewdiepie got millions of dollars playing video games and all i got from it was divorced ha ha!!!

In fact, PewDiePie has reacted to these trolls. Watch his reaction video here. He basically says he’s no happier with money than he was when he was barely getting by. He says money doesn’t buy happiness.

However, money must buy something. He definitely wants more of it. No question about that. That’s apparent by the amount of ads he runs on his channel. Not to mention all the other ways he earns money.

This article is about how PewDiePie is able to earn over $7 million from playing video games…

PewDiePie’s Income Streams

YouTube Ad Revenue

As of this writing, his videos have approxmiately 9,388,272,000 views. Yes. Billions of views. These videos contain display ads. When someone clicks on an ad, PewDiePie gets 55% of the money that advertiser paid YouTube to be on their site. The remaining 45% goes to YouTube. If PewDiePie would stop caring about money, he could take down these ads in an instant.


What PewDiePie has done is create a massive audience. He has millions of subscribers. Video game companies want him to play their games and hopefully have him say nice things about the product. The individual deals are private but it’s safe to assume companies would pay him tens of thousands of dollars to endorse their game. Maybe even hundreds of thousands. He has said he promotes video games for money.


He also owns PewDiePie.com. Here, you can buy video games and miscellaneous merchandise. There’s a $36 t-shirt as well as many other items.

Speaking Engagements

There are no trustworthy statistics on this but you can bet people are willing to pay big money to have the world’s most famous YouTuber appear on their stage. A lot of people say he’s an internet celebrity. Really, he’s a celebrity. Period.

The Future of PewDiePie’s Reign

While nothing is for certain, it’s pretty safe to say PewDiePie will have plenty of money in his future. In 2013, he made just $4 million. He has near doubled that in 1 year. The power of compounding, am I right??

If his life continues this way, he will earn 15 million this year.

There are about 8,760 hours in a year. That means 25-year-old Felix will earn $1,712 each hour of 2015.

But PewDiePie is not alone. There are thousands of YouTubers making six-figures and beyond each year.

Now to you… what are your thoughts on the PewDiePie enterprise? What does this tell us about where the world is headed?

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  • Levi Henrikson says:

    Funny, I’d never heard of that guy. I’ve been out of touch in the gaming world for some years now. But it makes sense. I think he’s a lot more savvy than he lets on. He picked a fast growing market (gamers) and knows how to create viral content that gets shared over and over again. He may not be doing it for the money, but he’s certainly not ignorant about how to get the money.

    • Will Lipovsky says:

      I think you’re exactly right.

      I just heard about him a year ago and I’m always on YouTube! There’s a lot of content on that site lol.

  • TempesT says:

    The quotes in the article have to be either made up or some people are exceptionally jealous.

    What PewDiePie does is make some extremely amusing videos (just watch the game where its a stickfigure dad + child on a bicycle…it’ll leave you in tears). Granted not everything he does is awesome or amusing but the guy is good at what he does, and he gets paid for it. Who cares if he gets paid a ton of money? If I was in his position I would probably do the same thing, all of us would. Its only being debated cause people are jealous of his success doing something that seems like its no work at all and just fun and games (literally).

    Anyway, like his content or not, I think he gets paid fairly for being the most (or one of the most) subscribed/viewed personality’s on youtube ever.

    • Will Lipovsky says:

      They are real quotes from people. I didn’t see any good coming from including their names. There’s a lot of anger out there towards PewDiePie. :/

  • Randy Ankele says:

    I think it’s genius of him to have this awesome opportunity to rake in the cash. what are people so stirred up about? well I will tell you what. Most humans, well people have a jealous bug in them when others are making it big on such a grade school idea ,and because they didn’t have the simple knowledge to make a fortune on what someone else did to get there. WELL I would like to set a few of the nay sayers straight with the truth. To all YOU HATERS just suck it up buttercup. if you don’t like the guy maybe you should get off your keester and get a move on. all this smart guy did is utilize what was offered to him to use, and I give him TOTAL PROPS. Great for you PEW DIE PIE.I congratulate you for diving in at the right time . From a guy who is going to jump in with my own You Tube videos, and a new fan. thankks for sharing. Randy A


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