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10 Ways to Save Money on Easter

By , April 13th, 2014 | 6 Comments »

Easter egg hunt

Like most holidays, preparing for Easter can put a dent into your budget if you aren’t careful. If you have children, you probably know that buying new clothes, gifts, or other Easter accessories adds up very quickly, and can cause unexpected stress to your monthly budget. Here are a few ways to celebrate the holiday without it costing you a fortune:

Reuse Easter Baskets and Accessories

Instead of buying new items each year consider reusing items such as Easter baskets, plastic Easter eggs, or plastic grass for the baskets. If they’re in good condition, there’s no need to go out and buy a new basket every year.


As with most major commercial holidays, there will mostly likely be coupons for Easter related products. It might be a coupon for a bag of candy or for some little toys or knickknacks to put into a basket. If you’re looking to save some money on your Easter purchases, see if there are any coupons available for your local stores.

Holiday Sales

Additionally, many stores will also have Easter holiday sales. A lot of clothing stores know that Easter is one of those holidays where people rush out to buy new spring clothing. Grocery stores also like to have sales on Easter related foods such as ham, eggs, and pies. The closer it gets to the holiday, the better the sales. If you need to buy a couple of pairs of Easter clothing or some items for your Easter dinner, try to find a store that’s having a sale on the items you need.

After Holiday Sales

As you probably know, most holiday items are usually 25% – 75% off a couple of days after the holiday has passed. If you’re looking to stock up on non-perishable items for the next year, this is the time to buy them. If you need to replace you children’s’ Easter baskets or some holiday decorations, you’re bound to get them for a great discount.

Dye Eggs Without Kits

Many kids love Easter because it means the one time of the year when they get to decorate eggs. A lot of people default to buying egg decorating kits from the store, but many of those kits are composed of items you can find in your own home. All you need are a couple of bowls, containers, vinegar, food coloring, and eggs. Before you head out to spend $10 on an egg decorating kit, check to see if you have items at home. If your kids want to decorate the eggs after dying them, let them use crayons or stickers on the shell.

Don’t Buy New Clothes

There are many people who rush out to buy a new outfit for Easter dinners or events. If you’re on a tight budget, there are a couple of reasons why you should think twice about buying a new outfit. For one, are you (or your children) actually going to wear your Easter outfit again or is it only for the holiday? Do you already own something you can wear instead? If you do need to buy new clothes, consider checking out stores that are having massive sales or thrift stores.

Potluck Dinner

Some people invite a lot of friends and family over for Easter dinner, and while that can be a great event to host it also becomes expensive when you have to feed an entire houseful of guests. Instead of stretching your budget to buy food for everyone, suggest holding a potluck where everyone brings a side dish. This is a great way to have everyone get involved in the dinner and it will also hopefully save you some money.

Keep Dinner Simple

Additionally, you can try to keep dinner simple instead of going all out and hosting a luxurious, expensive affair. A lot of people want to impress their guests during the holidays by serving exotic or expensive foods. But do you really need to serve scalloped potatoes with specially imported cheese? Or do you need to have 10 different side dishes even though half of them won’t even be touched? Keeping your dinner plans simple will also keep your grocery budget simple.

Small Gifts

If you have kids, you probably know how much of a hassle it can be to try to buy them suitable gifts around the holidays. It’s not entirely necessary to buy huge gifts for their Easter baskets. You can fill the baskets with small $1 to $5 items instead. If you’re planning on handing them plastic eggs – or holding an Easter egg hunt – fill those plastic eggs with small gifts such as a couple of dollar bills or wrapped candy.

Free Events

Another great way to save some money is to see what free events may be hosted in your town or city. Some local libraries or community centers offer free pictures with the Easter Bunny while others host free Easter egg hunts. Finding free Easter events can be a great way to have some family fun while also saving some money on holiday expenses.

Do you have any unique ways that you save money over the Easter holiday?

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  • Dona Collins says:

    Holy cow! One of my friends told me she spent almost $200 for stuff for her kids for Easter. She’s now a single mom and she said she just didn’t feel like she could break “tradition” of having 2 baskets for each kid. She bought movies, toys, etc. YES YOU CAN break tradition and YES YOU CAN save money. It’s not Christmas! A special treat or two should suffice!

  • I find it interesting that Easter is such a big deal now. It really wasn’t when I was a kid (back before they invented the wheel ;). Church was the big thing because Easter was, and is, a Christian holiday.

    We always got a new outfit at Easter. My parents planned for it and it was a treat but you could count on that outfit being your “church clothes” for months afterwards, and that we would wear them for every other special occasion too.

    I don’t celebrate Easter any more so the spending thing is really not so much of an issue. I do like to treat the kids in my life to a little something-something though, preferably not candy. I’ve found colouring pages to be a popular choice for the littles especially when accompanied by a big box of crayons or new markers. I usually buy the bigger kids a movie pass (often purchased with air miles or grocery store bonus points) and tuck it into a plastic Easter egg. They seem happy to get these gifts and I don’t spend the earth to get them.

  • What’s Easter without a new “Easter” outfit?!?!? It’s about the clothes you are wearing, right??? I’m kidding obviously, and this is a really solid list.

  • Lise says:

    Wow, when I was a kid I got a chocolate egg from my grandparents and that was it. I did not get new clothes, a basket loaded with candy and toys, and I have a hard time understanding why my kids would need it now. I did buy a veggie tale dvd for the girls and I am planning on going to an event where they can do Easter craft, egg hunt and get pictures with the Easter bunny for free.

  • Minny says:

    A chocolate egg, that is all I gave my children at Easter. It was not a huge all singing all dancing egg either, just a nice cheap egg.

    Anything else is overkill.

  • Gailete says:

    My mom used to make us a new Easter dress, but as the other poster said, it was then my Sunday dress for church all spring and summer. Back then girls HAD to wear dresses to school so a new dress depending on fabric, etc. was always useful. I had a friend that was poorer than we were when her kids were little, yet every year for Easter her girls had a new dress, spring coat and a hat for Easter. You never saw the hat or coat again and I always wondered why she did it and where she got the money from. Obviously a throwback to when girls and women wore hats to church (protestant) when she was little, as no one else had hats but her girls. I gave up on even finding new clothes for my boys as we couldn’t afford them and they were little before yard sales were huge sources of kids clothes.

    My boys never liked hard boiled eggs so we didn’t mess with them as I didn’t have money to waste in making a bunch of hard boiled eggs and then having to figure out what to do with them all afterwards. Sometimes if I had money I would make them up a basket, but they also didn’t like jelly beans etc. so finally I would just buy a bag of Hershey’s eggs and hide the little eggs around the house for them to find. From their grandparents though they would get a chocolate bunny and this week I got to price them at the special chocolate shop that made them. They are running about $10 a piece and this was for a fairly small bunny!

    But what it all comes down to is Easter is truly a religious holiday that manufacturers have tried to turn over into yet another money maker. I prefer not to oblige them.


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