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Ways to Get Coca Cola Reward Point Codes for Free

By , January 6th, 2014 | No Comments

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If you are someone who frequently consumes Coca Cola products, you’re probably well aware of the codes found on the packaging. Codes can be found on up to 15 different Coca Cola products, and entering the codes gives you reward points that you can cash in for a number of different items. The easiest way to earn rewards points is buying Coke products, of course, but if you don’t buy a lot of Coca Cola products you obviously won’t rack up points. Here are a few different ways for anyone to get points for free:

My Coke Rewards Extra Points

Sometimes the My Coke Rewards site offers different ways to get extra points, such as signing up for a certain service or buying something from one of Coca Cola’s business partners. It’s a good idea to check this site fairly often to see how you may be able to earn extra points.

My Coke Rewards Newsletter

Getting the My Coke Newsletter delivered to your email inbox also gives you an opportunity to earn reward point codes for free. You’ll receive a minimum of one newsletter and a maximum of five each month. While free reward points aren’t guaranteed, it definitely doesn’t hurt to sign up just in case.

Offers and Promotions

The My Coke Rewards website also has a page dedicated to special offers and promotions which is another great place to browse if you’re looking to score some free points. Similar to the extra points page on the My Coke Rewards website, there are a variety of different options and promotional opportunities. It’s worth keeping an eye on the page if you’re looking for free points.

Ask Friends or Family for Their Points

If you have friends or family members who drink a lot of Coca Cola products, but don’t take advantage of the reward points, ask if they’ll start saving the codes they accumulate. There are a surprising number of people who simply aren’t interested in participating. While they may not be interested in the points themselves, they may be more than happy to save them for you. This is an easy way to significantly increase the number of points without it costing you any money.

Social Media

Following the Coca Cola brand on Twitter or Facebook is another great way to potentially score free codes or points. My Coke Rewards even has their own twitter account dedicated to updating their followers on sweepstakes or different ways to earn or spend points. Social media sites are always a great place to learn about new deals or offers from companies, since they not only love promoting their products but love when customers are actually interested in something they’re offering.


My Coke Rewards also offers free bonus points when you refer a friend. Of course, they have to sign up and earn a certain amount of points before you’re awarded your free points, but if you send a referral to ten of your friends or family members, you’re bound to get at least one person who follows through.

Deal Sites

There are plenty of deal sites that offer Coca Cola reward points codes. Just be sure to realize the codes they advertise might not work. The codes expire after awhile and if you find them through a search engine, it’s likely they have already expired. Just keep your eyes open for free codes from your favorite deal site and act quickly.


If you’re willing to poke through the trash, you’re probably going to find some Coca Cola boxes or bottles that people have thrown out. While it’s not guaranteed that the codes will work (since they may have already been entered), there’s no harm in trying. If you do go with this option, you might want to make sure you stay away from any trash that looks particularly dirty or disgusting.


A lot of the My Coke Rewards codes are listed on recyclable items, so it’s also worth looking in the recycling at work or your apartment building to see if you can find some codes. Looking through the recycling bin might be a better idea than looking through the trash, if only because you might avoid some of the dirtier messes that end up in the trash.

Public Places

Have you ever been in a parking lot or public park and seen a Coke bottle cap hanging about on the ground? Or maybe you’ve been out somewhere and seen a discarded soda can or bottle just sitting on an otherwise empty table. Random public places can be the best places to find free codes because people tend to leave their old cans or bottles just lying about instead of throwing them away in the trash. So if you’re on the lookout for some free codes to cash in, keep an eye peeled the next time you’re out in public.

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