"I choose the likely man in preference to the rich man; I want a man without money rather than money without a man." - Themistocles

What if Money Really Grew on Trees?

By , December 4th, 2007 | 5 Comments »

It’s an old saying: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” But what if it did? What would that look like? Would everybody be rich and well taken care of due to readily available money? Or would we still end up with rich, middle class and poor people? Here’s what I bet would happen if money really grew on trees:

Some People Would Take Very Good Care of Their Money Trees: There would be more than a few people who would view their money tree as a blessing and take the best care of it that they could. They would read books about how to best grow their tree, they would water it and fertilize it and prune it. They would take care of the bugs that could eat their tree and they would probably cut branches off in order to grow even more trees. These people would devote time, money and energy into their money trees because they know it will pay off. Years down the road, many of these people would have orchards of money trees and more than enough money to meet their needs.

Some People Would Neglect Their Trees: Whether it be because they are lazy or simply ignorant, there are people who would just ignore their tree and hope it gets bigger. Unfortunately, with no water or fertilizer or any help at all, their trees would eventually wither up and die. Many of them will blame the tree or the ground or anything but themselves and some of them will go to the orchards of the people who took good care of their trees in order to borrow some crop. These people wouldn’t view their money trees as priority and think that they should just grow by themselves.

Some People Would Want to Keep Their Trees Small: A big tree is a lot to handle and take care of. Some people may not want that responsibility. Maybe they grew up with small trees and that’s all they’ve even known. So they will do what they can to keep their tree alive, but small and manageable so there is not too much work to do.

Some People Would Smother Their Trees: A tree left out in the elements could be in danger, so some might try to shelter their tree and end up smothering it. They wouldn’t want bugs to get to it or for it to be impacted by the weather ups and downs, so they would do something like build a shed around their tree to protect it. Unfortunately, this would also keep their tree from getting sunlight and the water that it needs to grow. Instead of protecting their tree, they would end up smothering and killing it.

Some People Would Use Their Tree Up: What could you do with a tree besides let it grow? You could cut it down and use it as firewood. You could make a wood sculpture out of it. You could make it into a swing. Basically you can use all of it to make something that will only last a while, leaving you without a tree.

Some People Would Store Fruit for the Winter: Trees are abundant during the summer, but not so much in the winter time. There are people who would save their tree’s fruit from the summer to eat during the winter when their tree is bare. Others will eat all their fruit during the summer and be very hungry during the winter. The people who store their fruit could do so in many different ways: freezing, canning, preserving, drying, etc. There are many ways to get you through a winter season.

Obviously money will never grown on trees. But if it did, many people would treat their money trees just like they currently treat their money. Your habits and actions determine how much money you end up having and how big your “money tree” would be. If you had a money tree, how would you treat it?

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