"The trick is to stop thinking of it as "your" money." - IRS auditor

About Us

Welcome to SavingAdvice.com, a personal finance website that attempts to inspire and teach different ways of saving money. SavingAdvice.com offers a little bit of everything from financial articles, discussion forums, blogs (you can even create your own), newsletters, calculators and various other financial related tools. You may have seen us in the Washington Post, Budget Living Magazine, The Street, Digg, Reddit or even listened to us on the Radio.

This site is a community effort run by three of us although we try to keep it updated daily and feel we provide information that is competitive with sites that have staffs that are much larger. James Hendrickson and Amanda Stewart do most of the content writing while Adz Dy handles most of the forum work.

We also run a number of other websites such as Clever Dude, Thousandaire, Critical Financial, Outlier Model and Counting My Pennies just to name a few.

SavingAdvice.com is owned and operated by District Media, LLC but there are many writers, editors, forum moderators and other community members who contribute on a daily basis. Born in 2003, that makes us about 14 years old. Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with us.

We hope you enjoy the information provided and are able to find a new take on saving that you haven't been able to find anywhere else on the Internet.

James, Amanda and Adz

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