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"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." - John Wanamaker

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Who Should Pay When Eating Out?

By , February 13th, 2017

I just enjoyed a delightful lunch with an old friend. I drove to her office and we walked to a nearby seafood restaurant where we were able to relax and catch up. It was quite a pleasure and I had a completely and thoroughly entertaining meal with her. After we had finished our lunch, the […]


How to Better Your Odds at Winning a Super Bowl Squares Pool

By , January 27th, 2017

The big game is just around the corner. It won’t be long before you’re sitting in front of your TV watching the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots playing Super Bowl LI to see who becomes the 2017 champion. You may even have put a pool together for the game with money or alternate prizes for some added fun. […]


Tricks to Win at Super Bowl Squares 2017

By , January 26th, 2017

If you’re looking for some additional fun this Super Bowl Sunday, consider playing Super Bowl football squares. It’s a fun game to play along while watching the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons play Super Bowl 51. Since there is often cash involved with the game, some of you may be wondering what tricks there are […]


What Does Costco Stand For?

By , December 14th, 2016

  Founded in 1976, Costco is a membership warehouse club where customers can purchase everyday items in bulk at discounted prices.  Costco is also beloved as the home of the $4.95 rotisserie chicken and $1.50 hot dog.  Frequent shoppers may be familiar with the Costco logo and may have heard rumors that Costco is owned […]


Coin Collecting 101: How to Start Your Collection

By , September 7th, 2016

Coin collectors aren’t interested in the nickels and dimes you have jangling in your pockets; rather, most are after rare and valuable coins unlikely to be in circulation. There is nothing quite like the rush of holding a century-old coin covered in intricate artwork and heavy with historical significance, and after you find your first […]


Phubbing: How Smartphone Behavior Can Impact Your Romantic Relationships

By , October 4th, 2015

Attending to your smartphone while spending time with a romantic partner may have a far greater cost than you imagine. Recently researchers at Texas’s Baylor University have found that use of cellphone can ruin romantic relationships and increase depression. ‘When you think about the results, they are astounding,’ said James Roberts, professor of Marketing at […]


17 Coins in Your Pocket Worth More Than Face Value

By , September 29th, 2015

1. 2004 Wisconsin State Quarter with Extra Leaf The 50 state quarter series ran from 1999 to 2008. On the back of your Wisconsin quarter, count the leafs on the ear of corn. On most coins, there are 4 leafs. On the rare coins, there are five. If your coin has five leafs, it’s worth up […]


Jeb Bush Net Worth

By , September 23rd, 2015

A candidate’s policy positions are a very important part of deciding whether or not to vote for them. To some people the policy positions are the only important issue. On the other side some people take the view that the only thing that matters is a candidate’s background and qualifications. Sometimes looking at a candidate’s […]


83 Things You Can Do with a Nickel

By , September 23rd, 2015

You’re probably thinking that you can’t possibly do 83 things with a nickel. But, when you think about it, every dollar can be broken down into little increments. Each increment includes pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and the occasional half-dollar. Prepare to have your mind blown! Here are 83 things that you can do with a […]


83 Things You Can Do with a Dime

By , September 23rd, 2015

As economies around the world transition at an increasing pace towards a more digital relationship with money, change is sometimes seen as a quaint thing to have. I beg to differ. The following is a list of 83 things that you can do with the next dime that crosses your path. • Drop change in […]

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