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Portfolio growth exceeds income

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    Originally posted by jIM_MI View Post

    Is the return which generated this "sustainable"- meaning was portfolio return between 4-8%, or is the "good year" to give credit for a 10-20% return?

    Do you see this "milestone" as an indication to make a change?
    No, I don't expect returns like that every year. We're still in a bull market - a very old one but still going. It'll end eventually.

    I don't see this as being any sort of milestone. I was just sharing the numbers. And no, I don't think it's a reason to change anything.

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      Originally posted by disneysteve View Post

      And no, I don't think it's a reason to change anything.
      I wouldnt change it either, essentially 60/30/10 as you're nearing retirement. Even if there was a big correction, your cash stash could last you years even with the disgusting property tax bill.


        We are up $170k for the year. Contributed 19k plus $11k roth IRA. Our returns have been outstripping our contributions for awhile. We are at $960k, I hope to break $1m this year in retirement we'll see. Since we started in 2003 we've contributed $305k between the two of us. DH didn't contribute till 2005 and i only did about $3k before 2005. We started that year saving when DH got his first real job. I had a job 200-2002 but no 401k and i should have maxed out the roth but instead we bought a house.
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          I've tracked our portfolio performance in a spreadsheet since 2005. This thread prompted me to update YTD performance and take a look at recent annual returns. The increase in the value of our portfolio (including contributions) in 6 of the last 8 years (including 2019 YTD) was greater than the annual income we are targeting in retirement. Recognize that we're in an aging bull market, which skews our results to the upside. Nevertheless, I feel like we're getting close to a portfolio value that'll allow us to safely weather both market ups and downs without worry.