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*Rant*: Tia Lopez's Movement Is Cancer

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    *Rant*: Tia Lopez's Movement Is Cancer

    For those who don't know, Tia Lopez started this entire movement of online fake gurus claiming that if you just listen/follow/or buy their advice package, you'll be a multi-millionaire. On the surface level, this is just your typical BS marketing ploy to hook people who are looking for success (like multi-level marketing pyramid schemes). The cancer comes in what happens after seeing how successful Tia Lopez has become with the tactics he uses. Now half of youtube is mimicking his success by showing off lambos and multi-million dollar mansions claiming that all this can be yours if you just buy their seminars.

    The REAL CANCER however comes from this movement of "high school/college is BS, you guys were all brain washed, and the real way to be a multi-millionaire is by drop shipping/attend their seminars, and not be a sheep getting a 9-5 job after BS college". This part right here is causing hundreds of thousands of parents across the world a bunch of headaches as their gullible teens who think they know the answer to everything is believing in this stuff. One of my co-workers is dealing with his boy claiming that Tai Lopez has all the answers and that his dad(who is a pharmacist) is a sheep and is doing it all wrong. He is now refusing to go to college and almost dropped out of HS.

    Someone needs to fix this cancer as this type of marketing is targeting young teen's most important time of their lives by tempting them with their wildest dreams(big houses and lambos) while destroying lives in the process.

    Example of one of these cancerous videos with over 4 million views title :Driving My Lamborghini To The Highschool I Dropped Out Of (Reactions)

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    Yes. These guys are an assault on reasonable thinking and represent the worst of capitalism. They stand for wealth without effort, excellent without thought and virtue without discipline.


      The stupid shall be punished.


        Originally posted by corn18 View Post
        The stupid shall be punished.
        I don't care that stupid people falls for these scams, but I have a huge problem with these scams targeting children. These teenage kids see their parents in debt, doing 9-5, complaining about not having money, and even having financially caused marital problems. The scammers online teaching these kids that the reason why their parents are like that is because they were following the herd which submitted to conventional wisdom of going to school being the answer. Teen kids are a breed of people who thinks everyone else is right except their parents, and these scammers are exploiting this mentality.


          Personally, I find some of the advice from these "gurus" to have merit.
          It makes me think outside the box. Try something different.
          Take a different path. Don't follow the herd.
          Do what everyone else does, and you'll get what everyone else has.

          But, you do need to take some of it with a grain of salt and weed out the BS
          Not everyone has that ability.

          But, if your goal is to be truly wealthy, and do it at a young age, then you will need a different approach than just getting good grades and getting a job.
          Problem is, most people won't make it.



            Calling HS/college is BS is rather strong.. but I agree with the spirit of that statement. This was further cemented listening to my daughter online virtual school .. it's only getting worse from now ..

            with that being said .. stay away from anyone who starts giving you advice next to a lambo...
            SPencer Cornelia has a youtube channel outing out alot of them .. it's a good follow


              Never heard of the guy.

              I'd say the way to fix this is to teach your kids well from an early age. Give them a solid foundation in personal finance. And expose them to stuff like this and teach them why it's wrong.

              We say it over and over but it's stuff like this that shows why financial education in school is so important. It can't just be a half semester in high school. That's too late. It needs to start in kindergarten and carry all the way through.

              Everybody has a get rich quick scheme that won't work.

              * Despite the high cost of living, it remains very popular.
              * Why should I pay for my daughter's education when she already knows everything?
              * There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.


                Uh, yeah. I've been around people of real wealth and success, and it's definitely not that.

                The manipulation and gaslighting is so familiar...but can't place a finger on it....calling people "sheep" because they don't agree with their ideas, or worse, they are part of a victimhood that wants you to believe a different reality because of their own inability to measure up to even a low-set bar.

                If he's got money, great. I sure hope he does something smart with it.


                  I think it has to do less with capitalism and more with the fact that we live in an ever greater materialistic society.

                  Some people can see the future, and realize that "if i plant today, and if the rains come, it will grow". Other people want it right now.

                  College by no means is necessary, and can be detrimental if you do it wrong. You have to do some cost analysis (yes at the age of 18). If I spend 4 years and $40,000 but I get a job that pays $50,000 starting off is it worth it? I'd say so. If it cost $200,000 and the job pays $25,000 well you better rethink things.

                  Dropping out of high school though is a completely different story than choosing not to go to college. Dave Ramsey has a statistic over if you want to avoid poverty, graduate high school, wait till you're 20 to get married, and wait until you're married to have children. If you're going to drop out of high school, you better have a damned good plan, or else.

                  Also it is easy to show off in a new car or a fancy house. But when you look further, how much do they owe on the car? Are they just renting the house? People get so tied up in the glamor of it all they fail to consider it may all be a facade.

                  I figured this out early on watching the family of one of my sister's friends. They were basically broke and destitute. Yet they had a big screen TV (circa 1995), she drove a new mustang, and rumor was they had spent $2k on a prom dress.

                  Similarly with a guy a year older than me, preppy and all the nice things. Wow they are rich! Until I realized his father was a supervisor at the same factory my father was.

                  When you listen to Dave Ramsey's story about all the property he "owned" before he went broke sounds amazing, until you realize it was all 90 day notes.

                  Look up Graham Stephan on Youtube. He is young and shows off some fancy cars, but also talks though how he is building a real estate empire.

                  Homemade Home is another excellent channel. This guy buys $10,000 houses and remodels them for even less, then rents them out.

                  Also keep in mind, with all of the guys listed above, Dave included, they are operating on Youtube. They are producing a product, for people to consume, and making money off of advertising. It's not cancer, it's click bait.