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Bottled water, store-machine filtered water, alkaline water, Britta water, tap water?

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  • Bottled water, store-machine filtered water, alkaline water, Britta water, tap water?

    Curious what others use for drinking water. In Los Angeles the tap water is "hard." I use a Coleman 5 gallon water cooler and once a week refill it at .25 cents per gallon at a nearby store machine. The store now sells alkaline water at $1 per gallon (never tried it yet). As for bottled water I know some swears by certain brands such as Fiji, or Arrowhead, Aquafina, etc. I try to minimize my carbon footprint and use bottled water sparingly and only when needed. Also, I lose money not recycling the empty plastic bottles which in California is .05 cents each, or could be .10 cents (not sure). When I used to live in Hawaii the tap water was good quality and I never paid for water and drank it straight out of the tap. What do others here drink for water?

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    My tap water is just fine.
    I do like sparkling water, so I get that at Costco. I can't remember the brand name.


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      We drink tap water. Itís as close to free as we can get. We have a 5-gallon water cooler in the kitchen and I just refill the bottle from the tap.

      My wife does use a Brita filter for the water she makes coffee with and we use it for ice cubes which are mainly for bar drinks so we want it as purified as possible.

      The amount people spend on bottled water is outrageous.

      * Despite the high cost of living, it remains very popular.
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        Tap water here too. $1.25 to fill your cooler sounds like a pretty cost effective option though! I like bottled water but it feels wasteful. When we need water to go, such as for camping, I usually buy it by the gallon instead of individuals.


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          I get spring water.... There was a spring around here but it's not always open.. but when t was ,, you could just go and fill it with water.. Clean water, straight from the source and free.


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            We are on a well with pretty high iron content. I don't mind drinking the well water right out of the garden hose, but we have to have a softener for the house as it won't clean clothing or dishes well until it's softened. Put our well water in a glass of whiskey on the rocks and it turns dark colored. Our refrigerator has a replaceable filter, get most of our drinking water out of it. I typically keep a case of bottled water around so I can grab a bottle when I leave to have in the car, however I realize this is a pretty environmentally unfriendly and silly practice. Need to just start filling a to go bottle.

            We were in AK last year at Denali and the bottled water was in aluminum containers. I could support banning the plastic containers and going to all aluminum, as it is the only material that truly gets recycled.


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              I have a Zero water filter at home and I can 100% taste the difference. Only tap water filtered through the zero filter tastes as 'clean' as bottled to me. I know others can't taste a difference but I can; maybe the PPM of all the bad stuff is particularly high in my area.


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                a coworker drinks "volcanic perfect ph water" whatever that means. I'm sure it's expensive compared to ordinary tap water (and probably the same thing)
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