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Who wants to critique my post-debt budget?

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    Originally posted by Nutria View Post
    Because the four-plex is worth so much more than:
    • two helocs,
    • the primary house,
    • a small rental property,
    • the boat, and
    • savings?

    (I'm going through a community-property divorce, and getting all the assets -- we had no debt -- divided takes a lot more lawyer time than I expected.)
    In the long run? Yes because the amount it will make in the long term is far more valuable than any of those other things. It was an uncontested divorce which in our state basically means if you put everything on paper for the judge and the assets and debts relatively balance out, theyíll approve. We didnít fight over anything, he needed immediate assets/money to stay afloat while he looked for a better paying job and I wanted long term assets that didnít destroy my early retirement plan.


      congratulations on doing so well after the divorce. I hope it is okay.
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