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    this years garden

    Since Missouri is in a drought, produce is high in the stores. I know for sure I am way ahead based on what we have eaten vs would have had to of bought in the store.

    So far we have harbevested peas, carrots and peppers to the freezer, with more coming on, about 25 lbs of onions, same of potatoes, and hundreds of tomatoes, tons of herbs, peaches, blueberries and cucumbers.

    More stuff isn't ready yet, and there will be a lot more yet to harvest, and a second planting when it gets cooler.

    I'm in Iowa and we've experienced the same thing. Store prices are high but we've been eating from our garden for weeks. Potatos and onions have been plentiful. Cucumbers are out of control! We have a TON of green tomoatoes but have only harvested probably 20. Been eating sweet peppers for a few weeks and we're just starting to get ripe jalepenos and bells. Lots of lettuce. Can you belive they can charge $4/kohlrabi in the store?! They are a little space intensive to grow compared to some veggies but SO SO good and I paid $1 for my packet of seeds and we'll have it all summer long. This is our 3rd year gardening and every year it gets better and I love it more and more.