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Why Are Bonuses So Heavily Taxed?

By , November 30th, 2017

The holidays bring along celebrations, gifts, and, for some, bonuses. If you’ve received a holiday bonus in the past, you know that they are usually heavily taxed.  Well, why is this and can you lessen Uncle Sam’s tax bite? Why Bonuses Are Heavily Taxed You’ve probably wondered why your bonuses are so heavily taxed. It’s […]


Analyzing the Numerous Ways Consumers Can Decrease Their Tax Bills

By , November 12th, 2017

There is absolutely no doubt that everyone hates the end of the year for one reason. They know that tax time is right around the corner. For a lot of Americans, this means that it is time yet again to pay a hefty tax payment to the federal government. The good news is that this […]


Which Country Has the Highest Taxes?

By , October 11th, 2017

Don’t believe any refrains about the U.S. supposedly having the highest taxes of any country — no matter whether President Donald Trump is saying it nor anyone else, it’s not really true.


Managing A Financial Windfall

By , August 25th, 2016

Financial windfalls are double edged swords.  One the one hand, you have a large sum of money. On the other, you can be placed into a situation you are not prepared to handle. Sales of real estate or businesses usually involve the conversion of an liquid asset into large amounts of ready cash – presenting […]


What are the Best Online Tax Services?

By , February 19th, 2016

Many people have begun to file their taxes for 2015 to get their returns early and some have already received refunds. However, everyone has until April 15 to file their taxes. So, if you are still waiting to file, you may already have a tax broker in mind or maybe you are looking for a […]


Most Retirees Need To Start Tax Preparation By Dec. 31

By , November 4th, 2015

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is reminding taxpayers born before July 1, 1945, that they must receive payments from their individual retirement arrangements (IRAs) and workplace retirement plans by Dec. 31. Required minimum distributions (RMDs) are payments that normally must be made by the end of 2015, however, a special rule allows first-year recipients of […]


What Do GOP Candidates Have To Say About Taxes?

By , October 30th, 2015

One of the most important topics presidential candidates talk about is taxes. People are always wondering what the candidate’s stance on tax reform, Social Security and Medicare is. During Wednesday night’s GOP debate, candidates seemed to have taken a variety of different stances on the big topic. Taxes are a complicated thing Political debates leading […]


SSA And IRS Announce Changes For 2016

By , October 29th, 2015

A month into the final quarter of the year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) and IRS have announced that there will be changes affecting your Social Security withholdings and 401(k) deferral for 2016. Social Security Wage Base Remains at $118,500 for 2016 The 2016 social security wage base will be $118,500, which is unchanged from […]


Tax Tricks For Homeowners

By , October 28th, 2015

Demographics changes, relocating and the recession have led to the buying and selling of many homes across the United States. Selling your home can be difficult, but many people pass up their opportunity to use what they make on the house in the best way possible. “They think the market still has upside so they […]


IRS Announces 2016 Retirement Plan Limitations; 401K Contribution Limit for 2016 Remains Unchanged at $18,000

By , October 25th, 2015

October is winding down, which should get you thinking about planning for next year’s budget. Tax planning is an important component of this. In fact the IRS recently announced information regarding changes in the 2016 limits for pension and 401K plan contributions. Since retirement contributions are a major part of many peoples budgets, the sooner […]

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