"I want to give my kids enough so that they could feel that they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing." - Warren Buffett

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Underfunded Pensions-Be Prepared

By , August 3rd, 2018

It is becoming more and more clear that that many cities and states will never be able to fulfill their pension promises. Over the past 20 years most states and many cities have been increasing pension benefits. These benefits plus health care for public employees is at an unsustainable pace. This will eventually lead to […]


Government Jobs vs. Government Contractor Positions-Which is Best?

By , July 19th, 2018

In total, there are approximately 2.1 million non-postal civilian federal employees working in 2018. Meaning over 2.1 million government jobs.  On top of that, there are a significant number of government contractors, though the exact number isn’t known. There is often significant debate regarding whether federal employees or contractors are better off financially. Each situation […]


Living a Rich Life While Broke Isn’t Impossible

By , July 17th, 2018

Do you want to be rich? Then it’s a good idea to live beneath your means. However, living a rich life doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of money. In fact, you can live a rich life on a fixed income and even while broke. Nothing is impossible. Living a Rich Life on a […]


Best Jobs for Retirees and People Collecting Disability Benefits

By , July 9th, 2018

As of 2015, according to data from the US Census Bureau, approximately 47.8 million Americans were over the age of 65. An additional 8.7 million people were receiving Social Security Disability benefits during 2017, based on information from the Social Security Administration. While many of those people collect financial benefits on a regular basis, not […]


Is It Time to Cash Out of Your Investments?

By , June 22nd, 2018

People invest as a means of securing their financial future, providing them with a source of money at the right time. Outside of retirement accounts, you typically have a lot of power when it comes to choosing to cash out your investments. But how do you choose the right time to cash out of your […]


Investing in Art and Antiques for Fun and Profit

By , June 20th, 2018

Yes, you make money investing in art and antiques and have fun while you do it — if you’re savvy about things. Although the rate at which antiques appreciate hasn’t been benchmarked, fine art has delivered an average annual return of 8.9 percent since 2000, according to Artprice.com. To achieve anything comparable requires does require […]


What Women Need to Know About Social Security

By , May 15th, 2018

Around 63 million Americans currently receive money from Social Security. Some of it goes to retirees and their dependents, another chunk to disabled workers and their families, and a final portion to widows and survivors of the deceased. Social Security can feel like a complex system, and many women have questions about how it works. […]


40 and No Retirement Account — Now What?

By , April 9th, 2018

Most people know that the earlier they start saving for retirement, the better. But, life happens. Maybe you didn’t earn enough to contribute to your retirement in your 20s or 30s. Maybe a financial disaster meant you had to withdraw your savings, sending you back to zero. Then, suddenly, you’re 40 with no retirement account. […]


Should You Really Postpone Your Retirement?

By , October 26th, 2017

Maybe you should rethink whether it’s in your best interest to postpone your retirement. Although people have been retiring later and also planning to work part time during retirement, ilness or layoffs often force people to retire before they had planned or go on disability. Unfortunately, this is arising at a time when the federal […]


20 of the Best Personal Finance Books to Add to Your Reading List

By , July 25th, 2017

In a world of misguiding money advice, how do you find the right personal finance book for you? Covering everything from saving money to the consistent habits of the wealthy, these personal finance books offer a wealth of tried and true advice. Listed in no particular order, each book offers sound council rooted in experience; no frills, […]

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