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Blogging for Others: Ways to make money

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    You can write articles for other blogs or commonly known as guest blogging. In such way, you will earn money from writing.


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      Focus on designing of your blog. Must be user friendly means quality and relevant contents in your blog. After that you tag google ads to earn money. Also do the promotional work such as off page optimization activities such as: social bookmarking, facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, Pinterest. blog submission on blog directories and other works.


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        Originally posted by PrincessPerky View Post
        Starting a blog is easy, getting folk to care enough to read it to turn it profitable is the hard part (and the part I have no interest in doing)

        I am quite happy with my half dozen readers
        This is true. Starting it up is easy, but maintaining it winds up being a lot of work.


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          Blogging is for other is a good way to earn money. But think about it deeply, why do you do it for others if you yourself can do it. Make a blog as your way of living as there is a big money in this place.