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Legal cannabis on pace to match U.S. soda sales by 2030

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    Mite as well ad this on here. Very glad to see all the wins for cannabis and psychedelics this year. Huge step in the right direction for personal freedoms + this will help pave the way for more psychedelic studies. After reading a lot into psychedelic research from investigative journalists, research scientists, therapists, and general history of all of these plants and chemicals.... it really does show a ton of promising progress towards people with PTSD, Depression/anxiety, addictions, and for supporting peace/stress for terminally diagnosed people. I'm kinda selfish here, as my wife suffers from dep/anxiety and my dad is dying from a mix of alcoholism + (cognitive issues , a lot of them).

    I was in discussion to get my dad into a trial at NYU & U of Houston (they're not doing any currently at my local U of Michigan), for some clinical trials with Ketomine and Ibogaine. But he both isn't healthy enough to make the voyage, and his brain is soo broken he can't get out of his "loop" that will motivate him to stop drinking. Had this (mushroom) legality been possible a few years ago, I would have easily been able to drive him to Washington/Oregon to make it a possible try. But timing is huge, and he's too far gone now.

    Anyway, even those who hate or dislike the fact that these "Drugs" are being decriminalized, used, studied, and socially accepted, ought to sleep easy. Because if 50% of what has been "seen" in experimentation would be able to translate to getting the population more well and off Much Much less chemicals... it would be a massive benefit to everyone. These plants and chemicals are not a panacea of solutions, but we ought to not let our "personal discomfort" or "wish to control others" get in the way of a very very low risk - high reward opportunity. I've been doing everything I can locally to support this type of research. Thankfully it is going on at University of Michigan (just not for alcoholic trials, more PTSD/Anxiety/Depression/End of life stuff). <--- I applied for jobs helping out coordinating research, grant writing, financial admin. I'd gladly sweep the floors if I know I was helping move the needle of progress (even slightly) in the right direction here. I think mental health is spinning out of control w/ the whole social media + unrealistic social norms from entertainment media/celebs + the political divide + the pandemic + longest war(s) going on in our history + crumbling infrastructure + i can go on...

    I started donating to MAPS <--- great starting point. But For most people, who have not experimented or generally spent any time/thought/experience around the idea/taking/care/anything around these plants & chemicals. Best starting place for most people is to read Michael Pollan's book --> "How to change you mind." <---- absolutely fascinating book. Well written, and Pollan has one of those voices you could happily "listen to him read the phone book".

    If you are even breifly interesting in this topic, please let me know and I'll recommend my sources that Strongly grew my opinion on the topic. I think the more we talk about it, the more responsibly we can roll out these potential solutions to our growing depressed/anxious country.


      There are two sides to legalizing cannabis. As well as any, in principle, solution. For someone, cannabis becomes a real salvation and they really need it, for example, our little four-legged friends. For dogs very useful and if you are interested in what exactly, I advise you to read. At the same time, the legalization of cannabis is dangerous, because if you exceed the norm for use, a person becomes inadequate and carries a potential threat to other citizens. So I don't have a clear position on this adoption of this law
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