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Where to invest for taxable retirement savings?

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    I like total market funds or etfs for taxable accounts, especially foreign stocks. If you own these in a taxable account, you get to take a tax credit for the foreign taxes they pay (you lose the credit if you own them in tax-advantaged accounts). If you are going to own foreign stocks, your taxable account is where you want to do it.


      Originally posted by disneysteve View Post
      We are no longer eligible to contribute to our Roths. We've always maxed them, so $13,000/year since we're both over 50. I still want to be putting that money away but I'll need to do it in a taxable account. I'm already maxing out my 401k. And I don't want to do a backdoor Roth.

      What investment(s) would you use in that situation? I'm thinking of going with ETFs since they are more tax-efficient than mutual funds and many can be purchased commission-free today.

      Any other suggestions? No, I don't want to invest in real estate.
      How about a time share?
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