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    Back From Black Friday Shopping

    I'm home from a brief and very sane Black Friday shopping excursion. There was nothing on my list worth lining up for, so I didn't leave home until 7:30 and got home at 8:40 after visiting 3 places. There were definitely other shoppers out and about, but things were calm. I had 5 things on my list but only got 4 because the 5th (slippers) didn't appeal to me when I saw them in the store. Didn't buy anything not on my list, though I did stop to look at the pretty $6 poinsettias at Target (hey, I'm human).

    Here's the breakdown, with full retail prices* and what I paid.

    *No, I l almost never pay full retail.

    Pet Smart:
    Bag of Dog Food, Full Retail $24, Free
    Box of Dog Treats, Full Retail $8, paid $4

    2-pack Bubba Stainless Tumblers, Full Retail $27?? (not sure about this because I think the 2-pack is a special Black Friday package, single is $18 so I went with a BOGO50 price for a 2-pack), paid $9.50 ($10 - 50-cents Red Card discount)

    Breakfast Burrito, Full Retail $4, Free (already ate half for my breakfast, saving the other half for DH)

    I spent a total of $13.50 plus tax.
    Anyone else venture out today?

    On Cyber Monday I'm going to order a planner for myself, and a case of fireplace logs for my Mom from Target (when they offer 15% off site wide).

    No shopping for me today, but I very rarely go shopping anyway.

    We did make a couple of online purchases yesterday. Target had "buy one, get one 30% off" on iTunes gift cards so we picked up two $25 cards to give our daughter for Chanukah and saved $7.50.

    My wife and I had also decided recently that we wanted to get a George Forman grill. Target had the 4-serving model 25% off so $30 instead of $40.

    I don't know if my wife and daughter will do any shopping today. They were at the mall on Tuesday because my daughter needed a dress for her fraternity banquet and they both needed new coats (which they ended up ordering online because it was cheaper than getting them in the store even though it's the same company).

    * Despite the high cost of living, it remains very popular.
    * Why should I pay for my daughter's education when she already knows everything?
    * There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.


      I headed to sears this morning for new boots ($62 for 50% "savings") for myself.

      went to BJs for some routine stuff and another xmas gift, saw a laptop there. Pulled out my phone to compare it to the one I had quickly researched the night before that was at Best Buy.

      Here it was a doorbuster so I ended up at best buy and saved $100 on a laptop - xmas gift for someone.

      that's it for now...


        Originally posted by disneysteve View Post
        they both needed new coats (which they ended up ordering online because it was cheaper than getting them in the store even though it's the same company).
        I find that to be so annoying, but I always check the website's prices. I saw a pair of pants I wanted at a brick & mortar, but they were too expensive; checked online and they were on sale at a price I was willing to pay.


          Had my tires replaced at walmart today. They were bald so black friday was good timing...$311 out the door installed. Also bought a flood light from lowes that wasnt on sale...I just needed a new/brighter one.


            Our 10 year old 32" TV has a image defect where there is a blotch on the right third of the screen. Looks like someone threw a tomato at the screen and it drooled down. So we splurged on a newer 49" 4k HDR TV, sound bar, and TV stand. This will be our family gift this year.