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cell phones for kids?

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    My family has always used Tracfones. Kids got dumb phones at 11, at the time that was all there were.ha Got smart phones in high school, still tracfones. Everywhere the kids go has wi fi and we used an app for texting; hangouts, so tracfone worked for us. It's about 50/yr for service on the phone. Then you can pay $5 for 1k texts and $10 for 1g data and top off as you run out.

    My kids are 20,22,24, they still use tracfone smart phones (they started paying when they graduated college) and I'd say they spend about $10/mo for data. Sometimes they can go 2 months between data fill ups. 2 of them use iphones and one uses an android. They see no reason to go with Verizon or any other monthly service. I try to get my family to get their kids on tracfones instead of paying out the ying yang for Verizon service, but I guess you need to start right out of the shoot with it because people get used to whatever they have and don't want to change.

    For the people who share a line Visible is a Verizon discounter plan that they don't advertise and you can only get on the site. You can have a party plan and each person gets their own bill so one person doesn't have to worry about collecting $$ from everyone. Maybe someone might be interested in it? I learned about it on Clark Howard's podcast (I love that guy!),


      interesting. Maybe a tracfone. I don't know why DH is keeping his line right now. We pay $120 for 3 cells and 2 tablets. We actually have 4 lines and I was thinking of giving DK1 next year a dumb phone. So it would be $30/line. Unsure.
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